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THE LORD’S TABLE celebrates Christ our life as the reality that it is. It’s not just about His Body given to us on the cross. It’s His living person who vicariously represents us by His life. This is why we eat the bread. When we agree with Jesus that He is our life, our way and our truth in relation to ourselves and to God we participate fully in His life. But if we see Jesus as an add-on to our legalism, we miss most or who Jesus is for us and live as slaves instead of sons of God.


Distorted gospels use the name of Christ while defining ourselves as our own mediators of His life and riches. The mediation of Christ means the vicarious humanity of Jesus for us in every aspect of our being.

In The Mediation of Christ, Thomas Torrance observes that, “The celebration of the Lord's Supper means that we through the Spirit are so intimately united to Christ, by communion in his body and blood, that we participate in his self-consecration and self-offering to the Father made on our behalf and in our place, and appear before the Majesty of God in worship, praise and adoration with no other worship or sacrifice than that which is identical with Christ Jesus our Mediator and High Priest.

We come to the Holy Table to worship God, not protesting our own faith or conversion or godliness, but proclaiming the death of Christ who through his atoning exchange has replaced our poverty with his boundless grace. And so we put out empty hands and bread and wine are put into them which we eat and drink in communion with his body and blood, for we have no other offering with which to draw near to God but that one offering which is identical with Jesus Christ himself, through whom, with whom and in whom we glorify the Father.” (1)


We have no other offering which is identical to Jesus Christ Himself. We rejoice in Jesus as life for us and in our flesh as us.

We can, if we choose live from the religion of Christ that we call ‘Christianity.’ But we are not called on to this subtle form of idolatry. Christ’s religion is not our life. He is. The oneness that Jesus has with you in your being is the same in quality that He has with the oneness that is His with Father and with Holy Spirit. We can live in this reality or we can live in the skeletal remains that we call ‘our faith.’ But we ask ‘Faith in what? Don’t be the person who buys a T-bone steak and eats the bone instead of the meat.

(1) Thomas Torrance, The Mediation of Christ, p.92.