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As Christian teachers our role is to impart life - to be specific the life of God. Yet our effectiveness and ability to do this is determined not by the acquisition of knowledge or the assembling of scriptures. We impart life when we are joined as sons directly to Father. Jesus and Father were one. The result was that He lived in the spirit of sonship and spoke words of spirit and life.

As sons we are apostolic. That is to say we are one with our Father and impart the life of the trinity. This is no mean feat. We are acting as channels of life from the womb of the universe and the seat of all that is alive and alight with life itself. This is our inheritance as we live in Christ alone, cut off and separated from our life in Adam and Moses, yet joined in fullness to the life that flows from the trinity to all who are sons in spirit and in truth.

Jesus calls this kind of teaching spirit and life, which is an outflow of the essence of God through a son or a daughter of God. If we are still living under the law or its modern name sake, performance; if we are still old covenant people, we are living in separation from God. We are living from old Adam instead of new Jesus. The result – a self-constructed barrier between ourselves and His infinite life.

‘Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth’ 2 Tim 2.15 NLT. There is nothing of law and legalism in this ‘work.’ It means being assiduous in receiving the gospel of Christ and the apostles, undiluted by revisionism and neo-Adamism. It means being diligent in living incarnated instead of in the law and old covenant.


There is a gospel that grows from the Bible rightly interpreted and applied. This flow of life is the result of rightly dividing the word of truth. This gospel is identical with the one gospel of Christ, of John and of Paul. They present the gospel of the Kingdom conceived in heaven, deployed on earth and empowered by Holy Spirit to be multiplied in every Believer.


At times people are induced to adhere to ‘other gospels’ as a result of Bible studies that present a subtle re-arrangement of the scriptures so as to distort and annul the power of the cross.

These ‘other gospels’ are the result of wrongly interpreting the word of truth. They can provide drops of water by luck or by grace but are incapable of providing life to the full. They undo the power of the cross, perpetuate the law and make slaves out of sons. Such distorted teachings deform entire sections of the body of Christ and effectively constrict what was meant to be the new creation. One can love Jesus and be a lovely person yet live under the delusion of a lesser christ and a distorted gospel. Make sure your Jesus is the ‘I AM’ of God and that your gospel is the gospel of Jesus and Paul.


‘For we did not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty’ 2 Peter 1.16 NIV.

Living from a wrong interpretation of the word of truth, we form a barrier between Jesus and ourselves from reliance on ourselves. We create a reality that differs from the Kingdom reality Jesus has made. Like Donald Trump and His followers we live in this reality as though it is real and we dismiss the truth as ‘alternative facts.’ We have placed a tourniquet between us and Jesus, us and the trinity and us and infinite life.


Thus we minister in the flesh rather than in the Spirit of Jesus and our industry produces little for the Kingdom of God. This is the basis of the Christian Industry. It does produce religion but little that is a vehicle of infinite life and nothing that advances the new creation - which is the point of all ministry and Christian action. Jesus is quite blunt. He says the flesh produces nothing of worth for the Kingdom of God.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV. What are the words that He has spoken to us? Simply that He Himself is our life.


Living in the Spirit of Christ we are one with Father and truly sons of God. Many, however, do not live in the Spirit. They live an industrious life on behalf of God that is a living out of Christian busy-ness. They do love Jesus, but He is not their life. They are. They, their need for self-vindication and their religious domain are their life. They do not actually live in the Spirit.


The result is a dulled sensitivity to the Spirit of God, a low level of discernment with limited ability to distinguish spirit and life from religious effort and a pronounced inability to speak words of wisdom and revelation. Rivers of living water do not flow. But there are droplets of living water due to grace. As Believers, we are not effective because we are active but because we are channels of spirit and life.


We create our own reality. When we live old covenant we live an illusion of separation where life in the Spirit cannot be maintained. Gifts of the Spirit are not a replacement or substitute for union with God. There is no union with God in old covenant mode. But there is when Christ is totally our life. He is our life in Father, our life in the trinity and our life as sons. Our union with Father is the source of the gifts and the source of the Spirit of Sonship. We are alive when we are one with God in spirit and in truth. We are sons in spirit and in truth when Christ and no other thing is our life.


I have just described our new covenant inheritance where we and our Father are one. But we are not one with Father if the law is our Father or if religion is our husband. We are living in separation. We are one with the trinity when Jesus is our life. As such we are a immersed in the river of life and we release streams of living water.

Never settle for fragments of life when your inheritance is life to the full.

Each of us are different. Each person is an expression of Jesus. Yet some of us are different, because we have never moved from the old covenant to the new. Living from the old covenant we live in a diminished God, a lesser gospel and a handicapped christ. We live in limitation.