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When I was away recently I had the opportunity to observe a person who lives from misguided gospel –that could rightly be described as ‘another gospel.’ Yet it was clear by her manner that Jesus had a relationship with her and she with Jesus. Jesus desires us and when we come to Him in ‘what we know,’ His heart is fed. This was the situation with the story of Mary and Martha. Martha wanted to make Jesus a sandwich that he had not asked for and Mary fed His heart by allowing Him to minister Himself to Mary.

Jesus loves us so much that He wants us to enjoy all of His life. Not an abridged version. We can minister to Jesus by allowing Him to be who He is in His full identity and life for us.


Jesus has more than a religious routine for you. He has oneness with Himself, Holy Spirit and Father.

It is not ok to have deficient ideas of God, about what He has done for us and who we are in Him. Jesus’ love for us is more than an abstraction. It’s about his nurturing us into who we really are: The sons and daughters of God. It’s about drawing us into God’s belonging and progressing our re-creation. So, it’s important to have the Christ of God and not an incomplete and false christ; to have His gospel and not another gospel, to have God’s narrative and not some story that comes from the father of lies is life unlimited. In His truth we know God as He is and experience ourselves as we are and as we are becoming.


Jesus longs to draw into Himself those who have been caught in a ‘gospel’ that is mainly humbug. He loves us with our crack-pot ideas and acts to draw us into the truth of Himself and the truth of who we are in Him. You may have heard the saying, ‘Love the person and hate the sin.’ God does not treat us like this because our sin is so often part of us. Our sin is embedded in our being and as such is descriptive of who we are. Similarly, our false gospels are part of who we are. Yet Jesus loves us as we are but does not plan to leave us as where we are. His healing is about making us whole.


The degree of our transformation in this life may be small or great. Jesus loves us as we are. Not as we should be. Yet He lives to draw us to Himself and replicate Himself in us. Your merit exists not in the extent of your change but that you came from God and are a son/daughter of God. Your merit is found in the truth that God loves and you and you belong and are increasingly expressing His Face.


That which applies to the interwoveness of sin in our being applies also to our grip on God’s truth. People with deviant theology can be very nice people. People who love Jesus can have very warped concepts of who Jesus is and hence of who they are. This is why our school in Christ must be an on-going revelation and a continuing adventure. It’s why being born again is a habit and not a one-off event.

False teaching about Christ and distorted gospels are lies of the Enemy designed to cripple our fullness in Christ and encumber us with burdens that hinder the advance of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is never a kingdom of religion and always a Kingdom of spirit and life. One can, so to speak go to heaven as a chicken, but Jesus intends that all of us fly there as eagles.