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If you have been raised in a culture of legalism and been taught to see earning Christ as a contract you may be suspicious of a genuinely grace based gospel that is not the product of some contract you think you have going between you and Jesus. But the covenant you live in us not ‘obey and live.’ It is ‘I am your life’. People can be adept at clinging to one cultural distinctive as part of their ‘contract.’ It’s an example of self-made grace which is really no grace at all.

With the cross, the resurrection and Pentecost Adamic separation is undone and your union with God is re-done. Christ is your union and the trinity having enfolded you in itself is the fact of life you could be living in.

We emphasise the abandonment of the law and the total embrace of Christ our life because this is the undoing of Adam’s fall and the rise of the human race. The human race comes into its own as the sons and daughters of God as the manifestation of Jesus Christ – never as adherents of the law or of religion.


If we are bound to a form of godliness that is really a version of the fall in Christian clothing, we are sustaining and promoting what Satan began and what Jesus has annulled. In other words we are promoting death in the name of life and not even realising it – so complete is our delusion.

There are people who have been set free, primarily because they are lovers of life more than ciphers of conformity. They have discerned the fullness of this life in the Christ of God and the Gospel of the sons of God that was put in place by the enterprise of the trinity, of heaven, the first apostles and present-day apostolic teachers. Apostolic teachers are Representatives of Christ and not some partisan gospel.


Don’t expect to be discerning and full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit if you have multiple loyalties. The pure in heart see God. Those with divided hearts do not. They see reflections of themselves; they gravitate to rationalisations of their long-held ideas and they embark on ventures for God, but do so as dead men walking. There are no law-based ministries that are fruitful in a spiritual and Kingdom sense.


Jesus urged that we receive our interwoveness with God and live in it. This is how we live as sons in spirit and in truth. Not only with the eyes of sons but with the ears of sons and the experiential knowledge of the new covenant and what it means. The anointing of the Spirit flows out of our new covenant union with God. It cannot be sustained without this mindset and rapidly dissipates when we are rooted in separation rather than in union with God. In our new covenant mindset we and our Father are one. With an old covenant mindset we are not. We are insulated from the direct presence of the trinity because we think we are separated. We think good religion is undoing separation. No. It’s deluded religion. You are what you believe.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Many have not had this day yet and do not realise its import. As a result their life in the body is hollowed out because they are still joined to that body of death which is the law and the knowledge of good and evil. If we are joined to a culture of performance we are contained in this witchcraft, just as we are if we are hooked on to even one law because it is the icon of our denominational identity.


If our interwoveneness with God and God with us is the reality of Kingdom life, the interwoveness with the spirit of Jezebel is the culture of the perpetuation of The Fall in the name of God. This is a most subtle and entangling deception – one that is so widespread that is it seen as the normal Christian life. Rick Joyner writes, “The spirit of Jezebel is the maturing of the evil that began when the first woman ate the fruit of the forbidden tree. This is deception in its ultimate form. It will be the women who serve The King, who have made it through this valley to the mountain of The Lord, who will be the counter to that evil one.” (1)

Such women are the true Bride of Christ whether they are men or women. They are the true Eve because they have come from the side of the last Adam in whom we live, move and have our being.

(1) Joyner, Rick. The Valley (Fire on the Mountain Book 2) (Kindle Locations 301-303). MorningStar Publications and Ministries. Kindle Edition.