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To minister in competence as a minister of the new covenant our model is Jesus, John and Paul – not Caiaphas and Saul. While flecks of grace can be found in sincere old covenant ministry, rivers of life are ours to disburse in new covenant fullness.


In the old covenant its ‘obey and live.’ Obey and your in. Disobey and you’re out. In the new covenant ‘You’re in.’ We are in whether we are Believers or not. It’s our unconditional ‘in-ness’ that heals our ache to belong to Father. It’s this same ‘in-ness’ that transforms our lives. Woven into God’s being we take on His nature.


The new covenant is the Gospel of the Kingdom, the real Gospel of the Real Christ which reveals the Real God and brings into being the Real You. The old covenant – your life in Adam leaves you less than you are. It is a futility and a mistake to believe that God retains us with the schoolmaster to lead to Christ – when Christ is here offering to be our life. To live in the old covenant is to ignore the cross, suffocate life in the Spirit and make your house where God no longer is. Today He is in you and in us and more. God is woven into our being.


The old covenant was actually quite good and necessary as far as it went. It just did not go far enough because it left us in separation from God. It substitutes law and religion for the real thing. It has to because it comes from the factory of the knowledge of good and evil.

As such the old wineskin pretends to be more than it is. It serves its purpose to lead us to a personal and incarnated Christ. But the old covenant/ law mode shows its limitations when it hangs around too long. We cannot live in the Spirit and live in the old covenant. Neither can we grow more than crumbs of the Kingdom Jesus began.

The basis of the old covenant is separation from God. The new covenant is your union with God in the person of Jesus. If you step into Christ your life, your false notions and religious self will disappear in response to your direct oneness with God and your dwelling in Light itself. When Christ has come in our flesh, the trinity has made a home in us. We are actually in life itself and we become spirit and life.


Bradley Jersak tells of an experience a chaplain had with a prison population. Inmates are notoriously ‘innocent’ and not easily persuaded to admit guilt. The Chaplain began where the post cross life of all of us begins. We have been forgiven. There really is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. You don’t repent in order to gain this prize of forgiveness. You are forgiven, accepted and received. You belong as a son/daughter of God. This is the source of our new birth into the new us. Brad writes, “Apparently, the Chaplain’s secret is what Scriptures said all along: what Christ did, he did for all. All were included in his saving life, death and resurrection. All are “in” prior to faith and repentance—but declaring that truth ignites responses of faith and repentance. That’s why we call faith a response to Christ’s saving Grace, rather than a transaction that somehow purchases it. Yes, a response is necessary, but it’s a response to the good news, Abba’s YES in Christ.” (1)

A response is necessary which is why in those posts we invite all to respond to a full inheritance rather than a short-changed deal.


It is a response that ignites the Christ in us. It’s not the start of a contract; not you doing a transaction by clinging to some favoured denominational icons. It’s not even you receiving Christ. It’s you living from the fact – a state of being that is you in Christ. You already drawn into the life of Christ and His fellowship as God and with God. He has put you within the Holy Family. Just agree with Him and you will have a life with God and a very satisfying life as your real self in your real being as a son/daughter of God.

(1) Jersak, Bradley. IN: Incarnation & Inclusion, Abba & Lamb (p. 115). St. Macrina Press. Kindle Edition.