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My mother was an open-minded person. Even in her old age she retained the flexibility to examine new ideas with curiosity and joy. Not all mothers are like this. Some are bigots of small mind who form some, but not all of their children in the same mould.

Some people never grow out of their mother’s ideas while other people benefit from their mother’s training them to see life as an open door. If Jesus is your life you will be blessed with open-mindedness, vision and discernment. If this is not you, it may well be because religion is your life and Jesus is not.

Ideologies have the capacity to congeal people in prisons of the mind.


There are many about today who talk of their appreciation of ‘common sense.’ ‘Common’ it may be but sensible it is not, being nothing more than ignorance and accumulated prejudice claimed as one’s personal ‘wisdom.’

We must be able to say “yes” to life if we are to make a proper assessment of what is wisdom and what is folly. It is a notable fact that Jesus did not advance a program of saying ‘no.’ Neither was His mission a war against sinning. He came to be our life and share life to the full. We need to ensure that we do not proclaim Jesus as the Light of the World and then spend our days hiding in our own little religious thimble. Don’t expect a lot of heaven on this earth if your vision is to protect and retain your preconceived ideas.


Richard Rohr observes, “If your religious practice is nothing more than to remain sincerely open to the ongoing challenges of life and love, you will find God — and also yourself.” (1) I have come to the conclusion that if you seek life above all else you will find it and you will discover it in Jesus. So long as your Jesus is the Jesus of God and not the Jesus of a wounded imagination and a misguided Christian culture.

But if you allow yourself to be contained by an instinctive rejection of anything outside your doctrinal cage – you will be left with your faulty notion of God and your distorted view of yourself. Here you can accumulate a following of fellow prisoners but cannot be a spiritual leader.

When Jesus says, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life,’ He is talking infinity. He is also talking relationship. He is declaring Himself the new and living way of being one with God. Jesus left behind this time bomb set to become the explosion of life that it is: ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.


This is the actualisation of the Spirit of Sonship. Dilute this with religion or dumb it down by sticking with the law and you kill life.

But realise this and we will be in God and in life itself. Did you know that in the new testament age we can live in God because through Jesus we have been placed in Himself – which is to say place in the Family of Heaven. Not only this but the trinity have placed themselves in you. This is the reason for your belonging, the source of your ability to love and the fountain of your righteousness: Christ in you.

You have been interwoven into God.

“How did we ever get correct rational ideas confused with an abundant life? This happens perhaps to folks who are unwilling to let go of their attachment to their images of themselves, the world, and God. They will not let go of their attachments for a living relationship. “The old wine is good enough,” they say (Luke 5:39), and so they miss out on the great banquet that all the mystics, the prophets, and Jesus describe.” (See Isaiah 25:6–7, 55:1–2, John 2:1–12, and most of Luke 14.)

Holy Spirit is not about rubbing oil into your long held ideas. Holy Spirit is about drawing you into God’s reality and His ideas about you.

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