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Thanks to the scholarship and teaching of apostolic theologians, the truth is getting out that we do not live, in separation from God. Not at all. There is no dualism in our relationship with God or in the life of God. We have been made one with our Father and His life is our presentation to the world.


God lives in you. The indwelling of God through Christ and the Spirit in the lives of Christians is a fact. It belongs to humanity as a result of the atonement and occurs in us by incarnation. By agreeing with Christ that we have been drawn into His life, we take on the nature of God - not as deities but as daughters and sons.


Recently I wrote of the limitless nature of grace and how the essence of grace is incarnation – Christ our life. Incarnation means that Jesus not only came among us to grace us with His life. He followed up at Pentecost to be our life. We are graced with a life that is not ours as though it is. We are graced with Jesus’ relationship to His Father. As a result, you are able to live as a fruitful witness in spirit and life because you always do what Father is doing. Why? You are an expression of God because that’s what sons are.

You will make me full of joy in Your presence. Jesus says that it is the Father that will make Him full of joy in His presence. We share this destiny with Him. Our Father will make us full of joy in His presence as well. As we grasp in faith the Reality of Christ’s Finished Work on our behalf, we enter into the rest that Jesus is now enjoying.” (1)

Rest is the ‘work’ of the saint. Allowing Christ to be our life is obedience and the living way of being an expression of Christ to yourself and those with whom you live.


We are together with Christ, and with Holy Spirit and with Father. We are in God and God is in us with rejoicing. Rather than being contained in strictures and moralism, we are part of the being of God. This fact and not the law is the source of our identity and our fruitfulness.

We are daughters and sons interwoven with infinity. As a result, our being and every action is filled with spirit and life. No longer are we impelled to cast around to find a theme for a conference – although we may if we choose. But what counts is that we in oneness with Christ have become spirit and life in person and a channel of His presence as a stream of living water.


This morning I was listening to a retired surfer extolling the satisfaction of feeling the swells under his board and gaining a sense of his oneness with nature. I thought of the greater sense in which oneness with all of life is ours when we agree that in Christ we are personally and conversationally one with God because Christ is in us and the Christ of nature is our life.

In agreeing that Christ is our life we participate in the divine nature. To so agree that Jesus is with us and in us is to be eating His flesh and drinking His blood – our spirits have ingested Him and He has come to reveal Himself in our flesh.

(1) McIntyre, Joe. Throne Life: Sharing Christ's Throne (Kindle Locations 532-535). Empowering Grace Ministries. Kindle Edition.