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The Psalmist was a flawed human being. Yet there was no doubt about where his loyalty lay. His soul panted for God. He is described as a man ‘after God’s own heart.’

With God, purity is about what we are married to in our hearts. This is because that which we have made ourselves ‘one with’ on the inside is what we will be and do on the outside.


I was once startled when I heard a declaration of the gospel in terms of what Jesus lived and what the apostles taught – the apostles teaching. This was an authoritative teaching on which there should be no argument. An onlooker responded, ‘We will have to see how that fits with our theology.’ I was startled because genuine obedience for us, entails coming into alignment with Jesus’ theology of Himself and His gospel. This is why the pure in heart are blessed and ‘see God’ and why the double minded see in a blur. The pure in heart cannot be bought and sold. They see Him accurately because they are willing to see Him and themselves as they are. Commenting on this kind of purity Richard Rohr cites Jesus’ remarks about adultery.

“Jesus says, “Don’t just not commit adultery; whoever even looks with lust has already committed it.” Do you see how radical Jesus’ teaching is? He moves down to the level of what is going on inside. How you are living in your heart is the truth. If your eye is your downfall, tear it out! Again, it is a matter of seeing. You must see correctly. If this eye hasn’t learned how to see the truth, tear it out (5:29). The image is absolute because the need is absolute.” (1)

What we are joined to is that to which we are united in the core of our being. Is this the Christ of God or some identity found in another place?


Spiritual impurity is having two husbands, or two masters. Are we living from a Jesus plus mentality? Is one husband our own ‘married to’ religious assumptions or our self-made identity in a religious community? Or maybe a status we have made for ourselves in business of the church?


Are we a case of ‘Unless you are willing to forsake your religious identity and follow me, you are not worthy of Me?’ Are Jesus and Holy Spirit desired for themselves or are they a means to the end of propping up a way of life.

Unless we are willing to tear the old covenant eyes out, we cannot see clearly and will continue living in the illusions suggested by our own reality.

It’s one thing to interpret truth through our own eyes. Another thing to know the truth through an undiluted union with Jesus. Undiluted union with God is ours if we will but grasp it, embrace it and live from it. It’s called Christ our life – the life that makes us one with the trinity, undoes all forms of separation and makes us the expression of the presence of God. J Baxter Kruger writes,

“The Christian God is interested in relationship with us, and not just relationship, but union, and not just union, but such a union that everything He is and has—all glory and fullness, all joy and beauty and unbridled life—is to be shared with us and to become as much ours as it is His. The plan from the beginning, in the Christian vision, is that God would give Himself to us, and nothing less, so that we could be filled to overflowing with the divine life.”

― C. Baxter Kruger, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam


(1) Rohr, Richard. Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer (p. 81). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.