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You can make a Christian life out of denial just as the climate change denialist tries to make a future out of shutting his eyes. It’s not that the evidence is not there. It’s just that the denialist would rather deny than embrace a new opportunity. The new covenant really is new. It’s a new and living way compared to the dead way of the knowledge tree and the law.


The kind of ‘new’ cited here is the sort of ‘new’ that is meant when you traded in your bike and got a car. This is the ‘new’ of the new covenant. Any teaching that promotes the old covenant with the Ten Commandments as the post cross ‘way’ is sadly mis-informed. This is like selling an old shoe to someone when their inheritance is a business jet.

The law of the spirit of life that pertains in this age is the relationship with God and the universe that we are drawn into through our life in Jesus.

This is life in the Spirit. The gifts added to the law and old covenant life is a furphy that sells people short. Christ our life is our life with we and Father are one. This is our new and living access to life in the Spirit. The gifts joined to the law will never be alive because this is not life in the Spirit. It’s just disconnection and misunderstanding.


With Christ as your life, you are drawn into the fellowship of the trinity and you are drawn into life that is personified and real. You are woven into the trinity and the trinity is woven into you.

The new covenant is not rubbing Holy Spirit oil into the old covenant mode of living. God will not energise Adam or Moses. Law is death and spirit is life so there is no harmony here. Only conflict and confusion. Holy Spirit ministries based on the old covenant soon fade as they have no root. It’s like planting a tree from the nursery with it polyethene covering still around the roots. It won’t grow.


Our post cross life is not dead Adam revived. It is Christ come in you.

“Kainos ‘new’ is also a new object that has never been seen before. It is a newness of original newness. This sort of new is new as in fresh. So when we apply this to the New Testament, we find a better way to see what Paul means by new life here in this letter. New creation is not a restart of the old creation. It’s not a new software upgrade, which remains plugged into the same old hardware. The new creation is a full and complete upgrade. It is a newness the likes of which no one has ever seen before. There is a whole new way of living in this newness; it has become a new world. We are new creations, members of Christ, living in union with Him, participating in His life, and taking part in His the Divine Nature. We are a new breed, in a sense. The old is gone, and the new has come.” (1)

A law-revived Adamic life with Jesus help is not the new creation. We are not gifted with a christian Frankenstein. Our life is a new and living way that is very much alive because Christ is us. This is the apostles doctrine, orthodox Christianity and the gospel of the Kingdom.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 162). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.