The mystery of the incarnation is mysterious and real. The atonement begins with the incarnation of the Son of God as Jesus of Nazareth. Our life in the Spirit of Christ means that the person of Christ is incarnated in us, and more. It means that in Christ we are made one with Christ in His belonging in the Trinity. We have been made one with God in the Christ of God. We are included in God and have become by the Spirit the expression of God. That’s who daughters and sons are.
Tim Keller writes, “
The cross and the resurrection together and only together bring the future new creation, the omnipotent power through which God renews and heals the entire world, into our present. When Christ paid the debt of sin on
the cross, the veil in the temple was ripped from top to bottom (Matthew
27:51). That veil represented the separation of humanity from the holy
presence of God. That presence had once made the earth a paradise and
now, because of the death of Christ, that presence can come to us, and
because of the resurrection of Christ, it does come to us.”
This is the theosis of which Paul speaks when uses the words, ‘Christ our life.’ It’s what John means with the words ‘Christ come in our flesh’. It’s what Leanne Payne writes of in ‘the healing presence.’ It’s the true meaning of participating in the divine nature. This is never achieved by the law and moralism because this stuff is external to our being. We participate in God because Christ has woven us into God in His own person. By the Spirit God’s Being now lives in our being.
The notion that the law is participating in the divine nature is an impossibility and an absurdity that arises from a counterfeit gospel. The Lord’s Table illustrates that we are made one with God in Christ. Thus we live because of Christ when we ‘eat Him’. This is the Living Way in which we agree with Christ that He is our sustenance, our bread and wine and in actual fact the life in us that makes us alive in Christ rather than semi-dead in Adam/Moses.