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Christ is not separate to God. Christ is God. The trinity are separate persons, yet part of each other and unique in their individuality. They are one God. The oneness of the trinity in which each person is part of the other yet distinctly themselves, is called perichoresis. It is this relationship, the trinitarian relationship in which we as sons and daughters are enfolded in God. God is not separation and we are not separated from God – not since the cross. Atonement should be read as at-one-ment and incarnation as Christ our life.


‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.10 NLT.


Christ is not divided. There are not as many versions of Him as there are denominations. There is one Christ. One ‘I Am,’ one fullness of God and the entire fullness of man in the person of Christ. There is one gospel of the Kingdom, not many. One new and living way that entirely replaces the way of Adam and of Moses. There is one expression of our Father who is Christ and One alone who mirrors you and is who you are becoming. So let’s step out from our little identity- security blankets and be hidden, yet revealed in Christ as to become who we are: Sons of God in spirit and in truth.


You may observe that there are folks about whose spirit died years ago because they are tied to religion rather than Christ their life

Many years ago, I read in a John Powell book that human beings are always themselves, yet continually becoming. This is why mental stagnation, ignorance and bigotry are an affront to real humanity. If you are prevailed on to cohabit with bores and bigots because you are related to them on Family Occasions, you will understand how being with them is an obligation rather than a joy. It’s a parable of the difference between religion as one’s life and Christ our life.

Christ our life is an adventure in that He is the ‘structure’ of our being rather than the bony structure of the law or the glug of religion.

Jesus came among us to impart to us life without limit. If we could live from this instead of an agenda, we would know Him more, know ourselves, be more interesting people and be sources of spirit and life.

Myk Habets observes that, “In Christ, “Incarnation and atonement are intrinsically ‘locked into one’: ‘It is surely in this way that we are to understand the teaching of the New Testament that the Lord Jesus Christ is himself our justification, redemption, mediation and propitiation; he is himself the resurrection and the life.’ We are united to Christ not only in his death but also in his perfect life of filial obedience and love to the Father. This is also what holds justification and sanctification together.” (1)

We are not separate from God when we are one with Christ – one with ourselves, with others and one with the creation.

(1) Habets Myk, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance. P. 122