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Security in the wrong place is death to the soul and paralysis to the spirit. Cultures of the law provide certainty of a kind but denude the soul of humanity and eliminate the possibility of realising the spirit of sonship. One can be a slave or rise to be a worker as a son/daughter of the slave woman – the consort of misguided Abraham. But we can all be sons in spirit and in truth when we are sons of the free woman and her miraculous conception. Here in Sarah’s Isaac was a portent of the Messiah, conceived by Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary and manifest in the world as Jesus, the Son of God.


The miracle of our sonship is that Jesus by the Spirit incarnates Himself in the Believer, so that all who believe become the manifestation of the indwelling Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Christ in all is the expanding new creation that fills the earth with His glory - if we are humble enough to embrace Jesus without addition of subtraction and if we are wise enough to live in the Gospel of Jesus, John and Paul and not revisionist gospels that that dilute the power of the cross and sow paddocks of tares where there could have been wheat.


Should we adopt a diluted gospel we will slowly die. You don’t have to look far to see entities that began with a bang but are now in a whimper. Jesus does not live to grant any of us a special identity or corner on truth. He lives that all may find their identity in Him and so become themselves and enter into the glory that is theirs in Him. Rick Joyner observes that, “Selfishness is the prevailing spirit that enables the spirit of death, and thereby is the 'shadow of death.' It comes in many forms, but the most selfish will tend to look for security first.” (1)


You will find life, security and a real identity in Jesus alone. If you are willing to follow Him beyond the fence of your doctrinal pre-suppositions and cherished ideas, you can expect to enter a realm of infinite life and penetrating wisdom. The fool says in his heart there is no God. The cripple says in his heart, ‘Jesus and His Gospel can only be my version of it.’

(1) Joyner, Rick. The Valley (Fire on the Mountain Book 2) (Kindle Locations 861-862). MorningStar Publications and Ministries. Kindle Edition. can be no more than what I have always thought Him to be.’