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If we were to agree that Religion is our God, we could easily accept the idea that religion is an end in itself. It’s not difficult to believe this or half believe it, since this is what the majority of us have been socialised into. Indeed, some of us become evangelists for Religion because religion is all we know. I once heard Dr Gordon Moyes remark that Christianity is not a religion. It is a person. That’s mostly right. The Kingdom of God is not Christianity either. The Kingdom as Paul intimated is Christ our life – which to put boots on the ground is ‘Christ as you’ and what John described as ‘Christ come in our flesh.’


Incarnation is the Kingdom of God in you and in the world. Incarnation is the Living Way in which the new creation renews the world we know. Many will agree that God was incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth and that see Jesus was to see the Father. But they are not so willing to believe that Jesus is incarnated in them and that because of the at-one-ment and the cross, Jesus manifests as Bill and Joe by the spirit. They feel they must take things into their own hands, continue in the law, focus on their particular virtue signalling obsession and construct their own grace by adherence to some belief or some remnant of Mosaic life. Jesus does impart a righteous life to us but it is a complete righteousness that dwarfs the bits and pieces of the knowledge of good and evil that religion is made from.


The Kingdom of God is less a belief and more a state of being. This is to say it’s more than words we adhere to. It is our genuine inclusion in the Communion that is God with God’s genuine presence with us and in us. You need to know that Jesus is just as much with you when you are restoring your classic car as when you are in church.

Athanasius knew this as the incarnation – which turns out to be the trinity manifest with you and as you and I and the church of Christ the King.


Jesus mediates the trinity directly into our being – which is the meaning of the Lord’s Table. God becomes us. Not because we participated in the sacrament but because we are the sacrament - and we live the sacrament directly as the manifestation of the Father – the sons and daughters of God.

Sons/daughters of God are not pious religionists. They are ordinary people who believe that Jesus has made them sons in spirit and in truth.

In the new testament age, we and our Father are one. In Christ we enjoy the sacrament of life. Live your life as a sacrament to God and you will live in adventure and joy. Sure, there will be trouble but there will always be resurrection. Resurrection of circumstances now and complete resurrection of our being when Jesus comes in the clouds.

The Lord’s Table celebrates that Christ is our life – not Christianity is our life - but that we are one with Jesus and the expression of Jesus Christ.

In excellent books such as ‘Jesus and the Undoing of Adam,’ ‘Patmos,’ and The Shack Revisited, C Baxter Kruger unfolds the glory of the Son, our Father and the glory of us on account of our origins, our redemption and the enfolding of ourselves into Trinitarian life. This is a state of companionship resulting in the metamorphoses of ourselves into the glory of us and the glory of God.


He writes, “The Trinitarian life is a great dance of unchained communion and intimacy, fired by passionate, self-giving, other-centered love and mutual delight. This life is unique, and it is good and right. It is full of music and joy, blessedness and peace. And this love, giving rise to such togetherness and fellowship and oneness, is the womb of the universe and of humanity within it.

The stunning truth is that this triune God, in amazing and lavish love, determined to open the circle and share the Trinitarian life with others, “We want to share with you the love and joy and freedom and light that we already know within our self”. This is the one, eternal, and abiding reason for the creation of the world and of human life. There is no other God, no other will of God, no second plan, no hidden agenda for human beings. Before the creation of the world, the Father, Son, and Spirit set their love upon us and planned for us to share and know and experience the Trinitarian life itself.

To this end the cosmos was called into being, the human race was fashioned, and Adam and Eve were given a place in the coming of Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, in and through whom the dream of our adoption would be accomplished. Before Creation, it was decided that the Son would cross every chasm between the triune God and humanity and establish a real and abiding union with us. Jesus was predestined to be the mediator, the One in and through whom the very life of the triune God would enter human existence, and human existence would be lifted up to share in the Trinitarian life.”

Separatism is a function of the knowledge of the dualist, knowledge of good and evil mindset that produced Arianism and the supposition that Jesus Christ was separate to God and less than God. This heresy was put to bed by the council of Nicaea (325 AD) but has sleep-walked in various attitudes and sects ever since. Law-centered theologies separate God from God and humans from ourselves, by postulating the law as an abstraction that is separate to the trinity and separate to us as human beings.


This life in union with God is ours now, if we are astute and humble enough to emerge from our mistaken ideas, ‘wrong gospels’ conceited doctrinal stances and lay ourselves and these notions at the foot of the cross. The issue of life is not so much your beliefs, but whether your beliefs about God and yourself are what God believes.