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Christ our life means oneness with God. This is what is being referred to when we are talking of participating in The Divine Nature. Oneness with God is not participated in via the law. Oneness with God is ours in the trinity through Jesus. We are one with God in Christ our life. Christ is the Door and our oneness with God. Because Jesus is woven into our being and He is fully God, we are woven into the Being of God.


We are mystically one with God. Th unio mystica is the prime reality of our post cross life. Myk Habets following Torrance (and Calvin) observes that “The concept of the unio mystica was.. a dogmatic restatement of the biblically rich material on the believer’s participatio Christi found throughout the New Testament. By participating in Christ there is an ‘importation of another’s personality into him; the life, the will of Christ has taken over what once was in sheer antagonism to it, and replaced the power of sin by the forces of a divine life’.


This ‘divine life’ is not preoccupied with law and sin. It is life itself, the Source of all life and the Celebrator of all that is alive. It’s the trinitarian life that is God.

Christ your life is the real you, the real self of substance and the non-religious you and the you who is a son of God in spirit and truth rather than notionally. Christ your life has made you the person who has been made one with Heavenly Family.

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus’ Eph 2.6 NIV.


If you have exited the false life, you will be flourishing in life to the full as your real self in real living. This is because you have been born again – but not in a religious sense. In spirit and in truth.

Any of our living that is a variation on the knowledge of good and evil is a false self. The antidote to this dulled identity is Christ our life.

Before our world began you were predestined to be your real self. In the fullness time your real self was seeded in the person of Jesus Christ. When he rose from the dead your real self was certified. As you live Christ your life you become this self. But of you live from the law you remain a shadow of yourself.

Unless we have departed the false life promised by the Father of Lies and entered the real life that is God woven into our being, we will not be able to see the Kingdom of God. This ‘Kingdom’ is not a religious construct. It’s code for being REALLY ALIVE.


To wonder if you have really lived is a good thought to have. It’s the hearts quest to be really alive rather than ‘just here’. You will ‘really live’ if Christ is your life. As a law-formed person you will only think you are alive when you are numb in your spirit and retarded in your soul.

If we have simply believed what we have been taught or just followed what everyone else is doing, we may have missed that we have inherited life to the full. Your inheritance is not words or proof texts. It’s union with God and the realisation of the self as a son/daughter of God. You will experience this in this life if Christ is your life.


Even though Jesus has nothing to say about the moral failings of those who surrounded Him. He did say that those who would not receive Him would die in their sins. And He declared that those who followed Him would enter life without measure. Much of this measure can be lived in this life.


Jesus’ plan for each of us is to graduate from the first part of life to the penultimate part – our life in the body as sons of God.

Many never make it. Not because they are not worthy but because they have never heard of the new covenant; because they have been lied to about the gospel and because the Enemy has been successful in neutralising much of our inheritance of personally being manifestations of our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Much of the life of a son/daughter is invisible to the world. Such persons are aware of the life that is them. Because the life of God is about a shared life which is the impetus of the trinity these sons/daughters want everyone to possess it and not leave it in the ground.


Some do notice notice. The kind of people for whom a religious travelator to nowhere is not for them. Such people have a similar passion to David the Psalmist who in many ways in his love of God and passion for life itself was a type of the coming Messiah.

If you are not tranquilised in ‘received religion and are part of the life of God because Christ and not Christianity is your life you will perceive that David should be recognised for His passion for God and not for his obvious flaws. People like David are very sensitive to life. They see it as the water of life and not a piece of religion that they do at weekends. They live in grace as a person and as a life. They know where life is and are repelled by where life is not. There is nothing more disgusting than a gospel that claims to be life that is no gospel at all.


Many Believers serve God sincerely through religion. They do some good. But Christianity as a religion is somewhat like sleep waking through life. Real life is incarnation. God in you manifesting as you. Fortunate are they who make a life out of Jesus rather than a life out of Christianity.


If you are living in God’s life – and you can because it is free to all – you will not need to establish your status or identity by displaying your Adamic credentials. The presence of God as you will be obvious to those who can see in the Spirit. But a puzzle to those made blind by the desensitising effect of the law. Law adherence dulls not only spiritual discernment but all discernment.


Spiritual people are not other-worldly, just fully themselves as a manifestation of Jesus, our Father and Holy Spirit. You won’t need to cover yourself in the clothes of Adam if Jesus is your life. You will be fully clothed wherever you go in a garment of light, so to speak. But in Adam’s clothes and those of Moses we will always be clad in the nakedness of the kings new clothes. Kings in name only, we will be workers and not kings. We will be incompetent priests who have never entered the dignity and power of their new covenant in heritance.

‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 COR 3.6 NIV.


We can compile for ourselves a religion out of ‘proof’ texts and social conditioning. By joining he dots in this way we concoct a gospel that is not the gospel of Jesus Christ or the Good News portrayed by John and Paul. Jesus came to liberate us from religion. Not start a new one. The Kingdom of God is incarnation from first to last. Drink Christianity and you drink the bottle. Drink Jesus and you are life to the full.


All are heirs but not all are kings and priests if we do not possess our inheritance and make-do with some degree of this body of death.

Since the cross all belong. But belonging must be owned and possessed personally. We don’t get it generically. We get it by believing and agreeing that we have already been included in the life Jesus enjoys in the Holy Family. This is living Christ our life.

An unfortunate life is to live in the illusion that is our false religious mindset – that we are not included and that our religious project is to make this happen. Love and life are closely connected. Life releases love and love releases life.

We know this by experience and we are filled with it by allowing ourselves to be drawn into the communal life of God. Richard Rohr writes,

“Love is just like prayer; it is not so much an action that we do but a reality that we already are. We don’t decide to “be loving.” The Father doesn’t decide to love the Son. Fatherhood is the flow from Father to Son, 100 percent. The Son does not choose now and then to release some love to the Father, or to the Spirit. Love is their full modus operandi!” (1)

Sadly, many old covenant folks who live sincere lives never get to live their real selves on this earth. The expression of themselves occurs through religion and the identity they think it gives them. But you can live as your real self in the I AM of God now. You will be the ‘I am of you’ because you live as your naked self in the oneness of Father, Son and Holy Spirit without the intervening layers of religion. It’s a tragedy to see a sincere and smothered self, living in a lesser identity because that self has closer ties with father church than Father God.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 3681-3684). SPCK. Kindle Edition.