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‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6,63 NIV.

What ‘words’ might these be? The answer is that Jesus Himself is our life. Here’s the point. Jesus did not mean to start a religion over which He would preside. The plan is to start a way of living that is the multiplication of His Person in all. This is the new creation.


An old covenant version of salvation is inherently stultifying. Either it strangles us in the law or stupefies us in religion. Having a love of life I am always disappointed when people I have known from my youth pass away having only known a muted view of life and a lesser version of themselves. Lesser because their living was insulated from God in religion. Due to grace we can gain droplets of living water in old covenant Christianity. Living from the incarnation – oneness with God - we live marinated in rivers of living water.

The life of God is not a religious life. It’s His life with us in our day to day routine.


The Spirit of Christ is in us and with us. Not only for healing paralysed limbs and blind eyes, not only for empowerment to good deeds and the inhibiting of bad ones. But for Christ to become us which is to say for Christ to be us in the kitchen, with our kids and wives and with people we work with. In the reality of ‘oneness’ Christ is our life. This is not ours by stint of working up a sinless life – as if this were possible. But by believing that Christ’s life is our life.

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus and he comes to us clothed in Christ’s humanity, not to make us super-spiritual saints, or ascetic anchorites, or miracle-mongering super-naturalists, or chandelier-swinging fanatics—but quite simply to make us men [and women]. —Thomas A. Smail” (1)


Jesus Christ has made us one with our Father. Positioned here in perpetual encounter we grow into who we are as daughters and sons. In Christ you will never become someone else. You will proceed from glory to glory in becoming your real self. This is the real spirit of sonship – the Son of Man manifest as you.

Law orientation insulates us from God and from ourselves.

From time to time law-based communities attempt to reinvigorate themselves with a Holy Spirit infusion. This can produce striking effects – initially. Holy Spirit always comes to enlarge Christ and His Gospel of life in Himself.

If a community is intent on living in its tradition of old covenant and law, it will become increasingly apparent that the core of community life is ‘this body of death’. While ideologues may not be aware of it, Seekers of Life will, and they will discern, correctly, that life without limit is not to be found here. It never is in Adam. But it is found in spades when the Last Adam is with us and manifest as us.

(1) Habets, Myk. The Anointed Son: A Trinitarian Spirit Christology (Princeton Theological Monograph Series Book 129) (p. 89). Pickwick Publications, an Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Kindle Edition.