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What God has done in Christ. The nature of His Gospel and who we are in this Gospel is the frame in which the we rightly interpret the Bible.


The One in whom the entire Bible must be read to be understood correctly in in the mind of Christ, is the person of Jesus. This has been called the Jesus Lens. This lens is part and parcel of the framework in which the Kingdom of God and the sons of God are known and realized in the present season.


The notion of sons of God and the Spirit of Sonship is known authentically in the context of a completed atonement and a lived union with God. It does not fit with the old covenant or the law. It was relevant but still future before the cross. It is the reality in which we are meant to be living, moving and having our being post cross, personally and as the church today. We are not living in a contract. We are living in the covenant of Christ our life.

John Zens writes in the Introduction to Dr Stephen Crosby’s, The New Testament Prophet, “Steve's unfolding of various key dimensions of the "newness" of the New Covenant is beautiful and amazing. This book may be about the prophet and his/her temperament but trust me, the path he takes to get to the prophetic will open new vistas concerning the body of Christ for you to ponder. After reading this book, I felt like I had just climbed up to a vantage point where the Swiss Alps were spread out panoramically before my eyes.”


The new covenant is not a new way of doing the old testament with the help of Jesus. It is not a threat to your religion unless your religion is based on the law.

It is not a means whereby an abstract righteousness is given impetus and discipline by Jesus to help us work up enough self-effort and discipline to do what we aught as a legalistic clothes horse.


The new covenant is Christ our life. It is the person of Jesus, the Christ of God as our grace, our life and our righteousness. Christ our life is more than we might conceive with a law mind-set. Vicariously, Christ is everything for us Godwards and uswards. As we eat Jesus in the Spirit, He becomes the church expressed as His people. When we can abandon our pseudo life in the law with gifts added and allow Christ to be our life in spirit and in truth, we will see the church of Jesus triumph as His people.


‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. Christ appeared at His resurrection and He appears in you by the Spirit of Sonship.

The triumph of the church comes not so much by the adoption of the new covenant as a belief - but by the transformation in us when Christ Himself is our life. We can be robust in body, sound economically, religiously orthodox, yet not alive in our spirit. Not alive because spirit and life as our being is the effect of the indwelling Christ. There’s a way to be a ‘life person.’ A Living Way.