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David the Psalmist was a friend of God. Yet any Believer in this age can have a closer relationship with God than did any hero of the old testament. God lives in you and is always with you.

Being with God means we have made a response to Jesus.

We have been drawn into His life and we have begun to know God as daughters and sons. There’s a difference in ministry between those who have been with God and those who have been with the law. It’s not only the lived experience of grace. It’s what happens to those who are the companions of personified life. They know life because they have been with life in person and they are alive. Like Jesus they are life with a name – like Ross or Mavis.


There are some silly things about religion. Like a suspicion and antipathy to real life. Or real Godliness. It took the Pentecostals to reveal that we are here to multiply what Jesus began by healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons. But it has taken spirit-filled theologians to reveal that life in the Spirit is an effect of the incarnation – not a replacement of it. Should we not live in the incarnation we are like a tomato bush planted in the air.

We can be the companions of the law or colleagues of its more diffuse form: religion. We can be the adherents of a belief system and this system can be our life. But here we are never fully alive, even when we have made a life out of its culture. As I heard Dr Gordon Moyes say many years ago, ‘Christianity is not a religion. It is a person. Once we have that straight we are on the narrow path to life without limit.


There’s nothing airy-fairy about life in the Spirit. Christ come in the flesh simply is JESUS AS YOU.

But the Kingdom is not only Jesus. The Kingdom is sharing the communion of God. God is not Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover. God is community. Thus to receive Jesus is to agree that we have been received into His life and His communion – into His intimate union with our Father and Holy Spirit. Jesus’ intention – the plan - is that we be interwoven into the very being of God and they into us. ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Such oneness is the door to real community as the Body of Christ.


The sound operation of spiritual gifts is rooted in our interwoveness in God. We are talking new covenant and incarnation. When we and our Father are one because we have chosen to believe and live in this oneness, we can expect to know the heart of God and live in a high degree of spiritual discernment. God may not need to ‘tell’ you things because you will just ‘know’ them. Although He can and does tell people specific things as well. We know God best by being in God. Agree with this. You have been received into His life.

Keep in mind that apostolic people are a manifestation of Jesus. There are new covenant teachers blessing the church today who are a manifestation of the Spirit of Jesus. And so are we all - if Christ is our life and we are living as Father’s daughters in our inheritance. You are the expression of God where you are. If you and Father are one because you have embraced your inheritance in Jesus, people will know. Life will flow out of you. You will not be crippled by humbug. You will spread light instead of confusion and you will not need to go about saying, ‘God told me.’ Because people will clearly see that you live in God’s life and speak words of spirit and life.