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There are versions of the gospel that come close to teaching that if we repent hard enough we will get saved. Another version of this is that if we repent well enough we will be worthy of grace. A more debilitating version is the project of ‘earning Jesus.’ This deception is rooted in the lie that we are not enough – Adam and Eve were told they were not enough to be like gods when they actually were sons of God. The current version of this lie is that it is not enough for you to live in the simplicity and oneness of Christ our life. The result is that we trudge around and around our version of the knowledge of good and evil.


Baxster Kruger writes of our real inheritance,

The Christian God is interested in relationship with us, and not just relationship, but union, and not just union, but such a union that everything He is and has—all glory and fullness, all joy and beauty and unbridled life—is to be shared with us and to become as much ours as it is His. The plan from the beginning, in the Christian vision, is that God would give Himself to us, and nothing less, so that we could be filled to overflowing with the divine life.” 

If a routine of times and places, venues and postures is what we have, then we will cling to this as though it is our life. Because it’s all we have. You can have all this and not have oneness with God because you have been seduced into living in externalities when Christ Himself is our life. Oneness with God is real life. Oneness with God is more than personal. It’s incarnational.


The fact of the Gospel is that all have been given eternal life, which means that all have access to the divine life. Our message is that we must claim this treasure because it already belongs to us – we have been received into Christ’s life, Christ’s fellowship with Father and Spirit, the fellowship of heavenly beings and the fellowship of all who have believed ‘
our message.’

Repentance involves forsaking our ‘light’ for His Light and our way for Christ’s Living Way. This removes us from the domain of Adam to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Stephen Morrison puts it clearly,

Repentance is metanoia: a change of mind. It is changing the way we think, our perception. In Christ we have received the mind of Christ. As we partake of Him we partake of His knowledge of God. Jesus alone can perfectly repent. Apart from Him, we cannot know God. In practical terms, we will always be growing into the repentance of Christ. We do not build up our own repentance, we grow up into His repentance.” (1)


Discipleship is growing into the fullness of Jesus by repenting of beliefs and suppositions that veil His grace and the reality of His incarnation in our being. Christian growth is both entering God’s Truth and
departing Satan’s lies.

We grow into His repentance because He has been incarnated in us by the Spirit. As a result Jesus becomes us and we manifest His Person in our person. This is both the mind of Christ and Christ come in our flesh – the antidote to fleshly living and the rejection of the
anti-christ spirit.

Repentance is essentially forsaking the illusion of separation from God.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 83). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.