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In our life as a Christian we can live from a scarcity mentality or we can live in abundance. I’m familiar with middle class people who are not poor. They have a more than adequate income but they live in a poverty outlook. As Believers we can do the same thing when we are rich.

There is no scarcity in your inheritance in Christ. You have an abundant life it you are astute enough to participate in a state of being in which you are literally in God and God is literally in you. True spirituality is not about observances. It’s about your participation in the being of God.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.

A routine participation in church life is scarcity religion. Oneness with God is not religion. It is incarnation. All can possess this because this is the inheritance of all who believe Christ is their life. It is this inheritance that is the spirit and life of you and of the Kingdom of God.


Myk Habets writes, following John Calvin, “The final goal of salvation is not only to be united to Christ by the Spirit but also to commune with the Father through the incarnate Son in or by the Holy Spirit. Union with Christ is thus understood as a participation in the divine life. In his commentary on 2 Pet 1.4, the key patristic text on theosis, Calvin rejects outright any Platonic idea of imitation.. by which human being and divine being are blurred or mixed. In its place he argues the biblical text asserts that the goal of justification and sanctification is that we may become ‘partakers of divine immortality and the glory of blessedness, and thus we shall be in a way one with God so far as our capacity allows’.”

We make take ‘insofar as our capacity allows’ to mean that we may have as much of God as we like, depending on our desire for God and our willingness to be at one with the living way of God. This is so as to live in the oneness we have been offered in God, rather than insulating ourselves from God by works of the law or sheaths of religion.