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Understanding the new covenant and living from it is fundamental to the Kingdom of God. This understanding is ‘core being’ because its essence is the sharing of being between ourselves and the trinity and more. It means the sharing of God’s being with me and the sharing of my being with Jesus and with the trinity.

The new covenant means oneness with myself and the harmonious communion with the portions of my being as a person. It means the communion and sharing of our being with each other in the same manner as the trinity share themselves with each other and with us. Thus, we get a new vision of what Jesus means by ‘May they be one as we are one. I in them and you in me.’ If we are still in the old covenant and the law, there is little of this for us. We have a gospel that is a bottle with a shattered bottom. We remain in Adam’s separation where there is no union with God and no body of christ in any real sense. Just dead men talking. Except there is. It’s just that we have un-believed ourselves out of it, because we have invented a gospel of our own!

A Gospel in which the law is replaced by Christ our life is the Gospel of Jesus, the apostles, the church fathers and Reformed Christianity. A gospel that starts with Christ and ends with the law is no gospel at all.


Jesus draws humanity and the whole creation into Himself. He has made the two one and this one is a new creation in which ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.

The separation and death resulting from the tree of disobedience no longer exists for us. The artificial dichotomies of the knowledge of good and evil are no more because we are one spirit with God.

We are in God and God is in us. It is this union of being that must be understood if we are to live as the Body of Christ in spirit and in truth. In truth rather than a misguided un-gospel of the letter and the knowledge of good and evil. This state of being is a state of mind and a state of existence. It is a function of Christ our life in general and a function of our having His mind in particular. We need to be clear, however. We do not participate in this in spirit if our minds remain tied to Moses and his laws because these laws on stone where a creation of the knowledge of good and evil.


So, let’s get this one straight. This new and living way is not the law with Jesus’ help. It’s not the old testament with adjustments. It is a total undoing of the fall and a complete mending of the fissure that has developed in the mind of man regarding God.

By the cross man and God had not only been made one in spirit and in truth. This union had been achieved by a man incarnated by God. It was not just that the two had been made one. It was that the alienation from God in the spirit and soul of man had been undone by a man who was the Son of God. Stephen Crosby enlarges on the interwoveness of being that flows from the resurrected Jesus.


At his conversion he [Paul] met Christ in union with the church:
‘Saul, Saul, why persecuteth thou me?’ Paul's apprehension was not only by a Person, but also by a specific revelation of that Person. The first command Paul received from the resurrected Lord was a set-up for Paul to experience another revelation of Christ in union with His body. The Lord continued to drive home the union/mystery revelation to Paul immediately after his Damascus Road experience. Paul had to submit himself to a Spirit-led, charismatically endowed, empowered member of the body of Christ (a disciple named Ananias) to receive his sight. Jesus could have sovereignly healed Paul directly. He didn't, and in so doing, was making a statement. Jesus healed Paul through the hands of an empowered member of Christ's body in whom Christ dwelt
.” How many Believers have never been healed, never received spiritual eye sight because they are unable to be led by members of the Body of Christ?


We are not just observing the interwoveness of ourselves with the trinity and each other. We are fastening onto the truth that because of the cross, the law is dead, Christ in us is alive and the spirit-life that is the trinity along with their joyous togetherness flows into us as persons and as the church. Not only is there no condemnation is Christ Jesus. There is no separation in Christ Jesus.


We can make lives as dead men talking and dead women walking. By our embedded attitudes we can separate ourselves from truth and life. We can say we are part of the Body when we are really part of ourselves. We can take offence when we hear something about our beliefs we do not want to hear. We can cut ourselves off from the source of our discomfort, go into a sulk and make a habit of sulking our way into impotence. As a result we exclude ourselves from the light and truth that could have led to our resurrection. ‘There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death’
Prov 14.12 NIV.