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It’s difficult not to notice that resistance to and denial of good ideas does not always emerge because these ideas are wrong. It is the most obstinate when they are true.

Truth and living advances are often rejected because they are a threat to some vested interest. Recently it was pointed out by a Consumer Group that fruit juices contained a lot of sugar and perhaps more sugar than is optimum for good health. I had always known this and assumed many informed people did too. But the juice manufacture made as if they had been done a great wrong. Damaging income by truth-telling is a ‘wrong’ in many spheres. Ever wondered why the Christ who came to give everyone life was put to death?


Some Believers reject the truth because their identity and status are vested in their religious culture and its distinctives. Some ignore a whole gospel because their mission is to promote a half gospel.

But there is a deeper malaise that causes us to fear radical grace and mutter ‘universalism’: It’s the attitude of Entitlement. The nature of us is to imagine that there is something we can do, no matter how small or large, than earns us dignity, holiness and acceptance with God. This causes us to attach an imaginary entitlement to our additions and subtraction from Christ and His Gospel.


Jeff Turner, outlining the context of the Fall writes, “Because of the knowledge of good and evil, the inherent goodness of Adam and Eve’s design now appeared evil to them, causing them to feel the need to improve upon it by adding to it their own accomplishments.

This is birthplace of the ubiquitous religious impulse resident within all human beings, to sacrifice and work in order to please and satisfy their “gods”.

Every system of religious appeasement finds its genesis here, in the polluted pool of human misunderstanding.” This is why law addict will assert that Christ our life is not enough. They need the opportunity to be busy making themselves ‘enough.’ This is their vested interest


Because of Christ you are always enough. His life stands for your life and His life by the Spirit becomes your life. You become the expression of Christ, which is what John means by Christ come in our flesh.


We can ignore this inheritance and live from the law which means that the flesh has come in our flesh and we have made a different Christ who supervises the law rather than a real Christ who becomes our life. The joy and extravagance of Christ our life is not just in His nature being expressed in us. Christ our life means that in Jesus we are joined to His communion with Father, Holy Spirit and Himself. We participate in the Divine Nature and live in intimacy with the triune God.