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Our advance as sons and daughters of God consists largely of allowing Jesus to set us free of misunderstandings and fictions. These can hang on us like daggs off a sheep because we generate misapprehensions ourselves as a result of fear and guilt and we absorb fictions from others who promote distorted doctrines as if they are the truth.

Denial is the result of ignoring truth in favour of an addiction to our own ideas. As in Trump’s America we can see that rationalisations become more tendentious and more bizarre the more they are resorted to as a barrier against truth. People can immunise themselves against truth so that they will not have to change.


‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’ Matt 5.8 NIV. The double-minded will see what they choose to see.

Following Jesus resolutely is guaranteed to set us, free from webs of fictions. The pre-requisite to this is purity of heart, meaning the undiluted loyalty that enables us to ‘see God’ as God is. The double minded never attain a clear view of God because they have two masters – Jesus and their personal beliefs. Unless we are willing to take all our beliefs and impressions unconditionally to the cross the promise of ‘never walking in darkness’ will not be fulfilled in us.


The ability to progress freely along the straight and narrow way is ours when we ‘know how to see.’ Such seeing is largely knowing who Christ is and gaining an accurate perception of His Gospel. Learning how to see is gaining insight to what is the Gospel of the Kingdom and what is not.


Keith Mathieson observes that, “The history of early Christological heresy is essentially a history of incorrect answers to the metaphysical question [Who is Christ]. The problem encountered in these answers the church rejected is that they do not take into account all of the biblical revelation.

“Ebionites, for example, “solved” the problem by denying that Christ is God. Docetism “solved” the problem by denying that Christ’s human body was real.

“The most significant early Christological heresy was Arianism and its variants. Arianism denied that the Son has the same nature as the Father. The Arians argued that the Son is a different kind of being than the Father or a human being. They said the Son is a being somewhere between the Father, who is true God, and human beings. The Arians argued that the Son is a creature, and there was a time when He was not. The Arian controversy spanned the bulk of the fourth century.” Arianism would have produced a false Christ and millions of debilitated Believers.


A legalistic christ, as in a christ who represents the law and lives to empower people to keep the law is a derivation of Arianism. It is not identical in doctrine but it is similar in that it distorts the nature of Christ as the expression of God by constructing Him as an expression of the law. Then it distorts the gospel by establishing Christ as one who is absorbed in the law and in empowering Believers to keep the law.

Neither Jesus or God is an abstraction. God is three persons, one God. We have been enfolded in this communion in Jesus Christ. The law is irrelevant to our enfolding in this living communion that is the trinitarian God.


The legalisation of Christ denudes Christ of His real nature, makes Him subordinate to an abstraction, depersonalises the Son of God, saps Him of deity by placing Him under the law. It misses the entire point of Godliness which is to draw us into the nature and fellowship of the trinity in the Son of Man who is the Son of God. Not only this.

It reduces sons and daughters who could have been a manifestation of God to an expression of the knowledge of good and evil – a product of the law seen in assorted pieties, behaviors, beliefs and stances. The fact is, as a son you are an unadulterated expression of Jesus – if you are a son and not some religious construct distorted by a false gospel of the law.


Should we live from the knowledge of good and evil we inevitably become wooden people who are wood-heaps rather than trees of life – even if we do attach the gifts and the anointing to ourselves in a bid to fix what has been ruined by fables and doctrines of demons.