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‘For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace’ Isaiah 9.6 NIV.

With Christ as our life we will speak good counsel, sound reasoning, offer wise opinions and be living words of spirit and life.


The kingdom of God is not so small that it is issues based. Not issues based because this Kingdom of Life is about NEW CREATION in the micro and macro. It’s about life, love, light, wisdom, satisfaction and ease as opposed to spiritual and physical disease.

Anything not Christ is de-creation.

New Creation comes from incarnation which is the spirit of sonship in action. Incarnation weaves God into us so that we become God’s expression in ourselves, marriages, families and the world.


Don’t dumb His life down into the your version of the knowledge of good and evil. It’s disappointing to hear those who could know better prefer a list of specifics as their righteousness over the incarnation of Christ manifesting as themselves and their community. But then if we insist on living from the law, we make a hash of our inheritance - which is Christ our life. Following Adam we replace our treasure with the confusion and poverty of Adam.

The new wineskin is not Holy Spirit oil rubbed into the a pre-cross Adamic life. The new wineskin is Christ our life. The new wineskin is not salvation as such. It’s the manifestation of God as human beings. This is the flesh and blood of the spirit of sonship. It’s a debilitating mistake to see our post cross life as the law, with Jesus’ help. No way. It’s being ourselves as a manifestation of Him.


The lens through which we read the Bible provides the meaning we get. Read the Bible through the lens of Jesus, the apostles and Church Fathers. Not through some ‘Johnny come lately’ revision of Christ’s Gospel.

Start with the law as your lens and you will a manage a mongrel concoction of the knowledge of good and evil plus Jesus. And along with this, a Jesus who is a human construct but not the Christ of God. Start with the Christ as your lens and we get the Gospel of the Kingdom which is our new covenant union with God. This is unilaterally of God and not dependent on us. But it is the end of your Adam and the beginning of your ‘you’ as a son of Francois Du Toit writes,“The 'must do's' and 'must become have all been replaced by a Masterfully done deal through one brilliant move of God! No more window-shopping, just gazing into the mirror with unveiled faces!”

Christ in you is the hope of glory because Christ your life is the living way of being THE REAL YOU.