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There’s nothing more important to life than truth, because truth multiplies life and untruth decrees limitation, decay and death. Dissimulation, insinuation, and lies were the cause of the fall, of chaos and death. Folly, futility, confusion, stupid ideas and policies are the fruit of lies. We see this around the world in the form of self-serving and mediocre government and we witness entire nations rendering themselves to the ridiculous they choose inept and foolish leaders. It’s disappointing when both leaders and large portions of the population have made a messiah out of the pit they have created for themselves.


People ignore evidence not because there isn’t any but because it does not suit them. Thus vested interests declared slavery good for slaves at the time of the American Civil War just as vested interests in the manner of tobacco companies before them ignore climate science because it’s suits their account balance.

We can ignore the new covenant for similar reasons – because there is too much invested in this un-life. Lesser minds ignore the facts because, if they believed, they would have to change. With democracy you get the people and the policies you voted in so there is natural justice that results in having to sleep in the bed you made yourself. Nothing just about ruining the earth for coming generations, however.

‘Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you’ Ps 89.14 NIV.


The grace of God is a hallway with many doors to wisdom and well-being. Grace is not an excuse for our continuation in personal misinformation or for whole groups of people to live in foolishness. Jesus Christ is wisdom personified. Rick Joyner writes much of Jesus as Wisdom. There’s nothing Christlike about ignorance and foolishness as the book of Proverbs attests. And nothing of grace either.


God has made a way for His Son to be multiplied in every person and every community. It’s the incarnation of the trinity in human beings. This is the superlative grace. It’s more than the forgiveness of sins. And it’s not just so we can heal blind eyes or paralyzed limbs. Incarnation is for the purpose of our union with God and the healing of the earth. Namely the undoing of Adam and the doing of Jesus Christ in us and the earth. This is new creation life.

Incarnation is the means of a healed life and the multiplication of God in His Sons. It is the new and living way of healing the earth.


The meaning of the Lord’s Table is the life of God in all: Incarnation. It’s not an occasion to mope about the cross or focus on our sins. The cross paved the way for the living God to be active in living in us and becoming us just as a stick of celery becomes you because you munched it.

Law is an affirmation of Adamic fallen culture. Life in the law is a negation of the incarnation and the subversion of the body of Christ to the dead body of Adam. Unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood – incarnation – we have no life in us. So what happens to our being when we eat the law? We die in our spirit and become feeble in our soul.


There are revisionist gospels seeking salvation and transformation through the law. As in Islam and Christian legalism - this has the appearance of ‘doing something’. What it really means is burying your inheritance in the ground.

This is the story of the man who will not receive his inheritance from the Lord because he thinks life in the spirit has no substance and life in the law does.

‘Then the man who had received one bag of gold came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you’ Matt 25.24,25. This double-minded man rejects his inheritance in the spirit and convinces himself that he is serving the Lord with the words, ‘Here is what belongs to you.’ But this was not what belonged to Jesus. It was what belonged to Adam and Moses.


Any form of law mongering is a retreat from fullness of life, or more accurately a retreat from infinite life into degrees of death. You can add the Holy Spirit to old covenant religious law-keeping. But this is like an old time farmer who gets a new horse that only has three legs.

If we are still living from the law we are crippling ourselves and advertising to all that we are grossly misinformed about what Christ achieved for us by the cross. We are living in religion but not in our inheritance as sons. We are the recipients of infinite life when we believe what God believes. To ignore this on the grounds of personal opinion or doctrinal inbreeding is a sad futility.


Francois Du Toit writes, “Jesus understood that the revelation of the invisible God in a human body was never meant to remain the exclusive revelation of God in a single unique individual whose significance would in time fade to become a mere historic hero of religious sentiment.

Neither was his mandate to be the Messiah of a single unique nation. His life, death and resurrection would represent the entire human race.”(1)

The purpose and the love of God is that all may have the opportunity to be the manifestation of the trinity and the personal expression of Jesus.

(1) From Du Toit’s book, God Believes in You - in print and Kindle