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You will not find a place for the law in ‘reformed theology’ because it has no place. It is irrelevant to the mediation of Christ as our life. It’s not in the teaching of the Church Father’s unless we count Arius among them who was off by a long shot in his contention that Jesus we not fully God, meaning that Arius did not believe Jesus of Nazareth was one substance with the Father. This was a heresy that faded out after the Council of Nicaea established the oneness of Christ with the Father as one with God and fully God.

We may belong to the Body of Christ as adherents of the old covenant, but we do not represent Christ’s Kingdom in this mindset.


Separationism has its source in the lie that led to the Fall. The delusion of separation from God has not faded because it is in the same category as the lie that one is better separated from God and seeking godliness in the law (the knowledge of good and evil) than being one with God and sharing in His life. These lies have a hold over any who do not live in the freedom of Christ our life. They have an infernal enchantment about them that distorts Christ and perverts His Gospel into ‘another gospel’.


If Jesus is not one with God and fully God, then we are not saved because we have not been reconciled to God. Present day, old covenant teaching is in similar vein to Arianism in that it assumes separation between ourselves and God in spite of the fact that the foundation of the Church of the Firstborn is the incarnation. The two have been made one in Christ, and that in Christ we are one with God. This is to say that in Jesus Christ the triune God has reached out to enfold us in its Communion by way of atonement and incarnation, so that in the Spirit our being is included in the Fellowship of God and God in three persons lives in us.

We have oneness with God in Jesus Christ. The mediation of Christ means that we are included in God by atonement (the cross) and included by the nature of God who is three persons, one God. This oneness of being is germane to the trinity. It means that each is part of each other, yet fully themselves. It may be seen that by being drawn into God in Jesus Christ we participate in this kind of oneness. In so doing we are hidden in Christ, yet continually revealed in Christ as ourselves. This is the essence of a healed and whole human being and the community that is the church – when we live in the incarnation rather than some shade of church growth theory.


Michael Kepler observes that “The Mosaic law could not bring forgiveness of sins, life, or freedom and was never meant to be mixed with what could bring us these blessings [as above].

“God did not provide us with a “repaired” covenant as though it were an automobile in need of being fixed. The covenant did not need fixing—the people were the problem. But repairing the people isn’t what was called for—what they needed was to die and to receive a brand new life. The old vehicle would have to be sent to the scrap yard, as God provided a brand new replacement that would have an everlasting guarantee.

The old bus Israel was traveling on brought them to a stop at the cross, where they would be allowed to transfer to an entirely different and brand new, luxurious bus. To be perfectly clear: it’s not called the updated covenant, it’s not the amended covenant, or the revised covenant—God said this would be a new covenant. The word new here means fresh and unused”.


Jesus wants us to know that going for the Spirit in an old covenant package is like painting a 1937 bus with fresh paint and thinking it is new.

There had been no incarnation before the cross because there had been no Christ born of Mary and of God. Jesus Christ was not two persons in one. He was one person who was one with God and at the same time one with human-beings. Thus in Jesus Christ because of His being one with us, because of the atonement and because of the incarnation we are joined to God, made one with Him in Jesus Christ.

Thus, we are alive with eternal life in Christ and imbued with Christ who is our righteousness in Himself. Righteousness is not an abstraction independent of persons. Righteousness is Christ, which is to say that as He lives in us, He becomes us by the Spirit, meaning that you and I become the manifestation of God – in fact sons and daughters of God in spirit and in truth.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is the day we have entered the Kingdom and the day the Kingdom has entered us.