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The witness of the creation to God is extravagance. Never scarcity. There is an excess of life in God that is ours. The infinite life available to us is far greater than that which appears in routine religion. Not only is deep healing of the soul ours. There is infinite spirit and life available to all who choose to have what is ours: Christ our life. Institutionalism smothers the surfeit available to all in Jesus. People get a system and a culture when that they can have is a relationship with God that is the same as the trinity’s relationship with each other.

Some might say there is a lot of pain in life and that the creation is broken. This is so but in Jesus Christ God in fullness participated in this pain so that we and the creation would be healed and advance into life without measure.


None whose life is sourced in the law or religious conformity can live as excellent human beings let alone sons and daughters of God. We do ourselves a service to live in the full extravagance of the cross. The cross not only delivers us from the law and from condemnation. It delivers us from religion. The cross delivers us into union with God. We were always sons in principle. Since the resurrection we have been sons in spirit and in truth. We are able to worship in spirit and in truth because Christ’s life is our life. We belong in the heavenly family in Jesus. We are alive as sons and daughters in the vicarious humanity of Jesus.

In the law we get separation. In Jesus we have ‘oneness.’


Stephen Crosby writes, “
There was something unique in the history of the cosmos in Jesus's heavenly activities and ministry. A resurrected God-man was seated on the throne of the universe combining the offices of king and priest after the order of Melchizedek in the power of an endless life. The overflow of this reality, the overflow of this glory, the overflow of this coronation, manifests in time in space by the release of the prophetic spirit of sonship onto, and into all humanity in a way that had never been experienced before. The very spirit of God's own Son, raised and glorified, is granted to the believer.  It is the participation He gives to His friends of the glory He now has with the Father, as the Son.” (1)

In a word all of us have what Jesus has: We and Father are one.


The treasure described here was always our inheritance in principle. It is ours in fact - our possession and part of our being - when we believe it; when we live in the reality of the narrative achieved by Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. We either live in this narrative or a story that is polluted from another source. We create the reality we live in. Our reality is grace and truth. Grace is not the permission to live in false doctrine and perverted narratives of the gospel. Grace is the opportunity to advance into truth and thus into life and so dispense with the grave-clothes of death. We can live in our inheritance of belonging in theory or in fact. We can be part of Christ’s body in potential or reality. That which is real in our experience is always the truth that sets us free from the lie of separation and places us in the comfort of union with God.

“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” John 14.20. We can realize this now or we can continue to live in the sanctified nonsense that we call ‘our religion.’

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 1111-1117). . Kindle Edition.