Jesus said to her, ‘How are you doing at becoming your Real Self.’
Legalism denudes God of ‘Godness’ and strips human beings of the spirit of sonship. You will never be your true self in living from a culture of the law. This is to say you will not be a son in spirit and in truth. You will generically of course. But sonship is ours in oneness with God. The pointy end of real humanity is Christ our life.
By the One Spirit we are the Spirit of Sonship come in our flesh.
This is why the foundational issue of salvation has nothing to do with the law and everything to with our Christ achieved oneness with God.  God is incarnated in you. If Jesus is only a clever way of keeping the law and doing morality, then Adam and the law of sin and death is not undone, the fall is still in progress.  For you the fall is not finished even though Jesus said it was and we are slaves instead of priests and kings, playing a game of trivial pursuit as if this is life. Christ makes us sons/daughters of God. Religion makes us less than we are – workers and slaves.
Salvation is much more than being saved from death. It is being
saved into life. It is the fall undone, separation banished and humanity made one with the trinity. It’s more than just a joining. It’s the interweaving of our being with God’s being. Somewhat like a husband and wife being one in marriage but an interwoveness of being and spirit. This why marriage to religion and law is a subtle adultery.
Marriage to the Groom through the law is a nonsense and an impossibility. We are no more married to Christ by the law than a couple are married because they sign the register but never get to make love.
We do not come to God as spectators but as those for whom Christ died, to whom the Father pours out His love, and in whom the Holy Spirit dwells. In and through God we know God, as we participate in a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We cannot form a doctrine of the Trinity abstractly, as if we might know God through impersonal observation. Torrance’s doctrine of the Trinity is built on a foundation of adoration, not on the reductionistic need to contain God’s being with statements.” (1)
A ‘salvation’ based on the law is heretical, reductionist and debasing. Our post cross life in God is union with God. The Christ of God is Gods own mediator. God is in you and with you and your forever union with God is guaranteed through Christ your life – the vicarious humanity of the Christ of God.
‘I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.  “I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly’ Gal 2.20,21 NIV.
To lose everything, particularly our religion; to bring to the cross all we held precious is to gain oneself and begin eternal life in that moment. We can be religious and live in the cage of a protected self and a hedge-about identity. But here we don’t encounter the real Christ and the Real Self.
The latter self, the one that is now growing from glory to glory is the self that is hidden in Christ and therefore revealed as a son. Richard Rohr writes, 
All great spirituality teaches about letting go of what you don’t need and who you are not. Then, when you can get little enough and naked enough and poor enough, you’ll find that the little place where you really are is ironically more than enough and is all that you need. At that place, you will have nothing to prove to anybody and nothing to protect.”
(1)  Morrison, Stephen D.. T. F. Torrance in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 2) (p. 100). Beloved Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition.