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Just because we have a marriage certificate does not mean we have a marriage. A marriage is a state of being that is a reflection of our union with Christ. You can be joined to the Body of Christ notionally and you can be one with Christ as a state of being. The former is the shadow and the latter is the reality. The connection between ourselves and Christ is much more than legal. The power and life of the connection is in ‘being’ – the state of being woven into God in spirit and truth. Think of spirit and truth as the opposite to legal and positional assertions that reek of the letter and the fabric of the knowledge of good and evil.


In Jesus we have a quality of union with God that exceeds that of our pre-fall fellowship. Stephen Morrison writes,

“There is such a deep ontological connection between Jesus Christ and the human race that what happens to Him, has happened to us in Him. This stunning truth has profound ramifications as we examine the whole saving work of Christ. We have already explored some of the aspects to the vicarious life of Jesus Christ. But we must now take it further in saying that the entire life of Jesus Christ was, and is, vicarious in nature including His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. What He did He did not in isolation, but in union with the human race.” (1)

The result of the cross is your oneness with God.

This union is both our rest from human restlessness and the agency of proceeding from glory to glory as the sons and daughters of God. Your life in this sphere is infinite. In anything less it is partial as in a field of dry bones claiming well-being.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 149). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.