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Done distance yourself from a church because it has some moral stance you disagree with. Separate yourself from it because it has another gospel.

Muslims and Christian legalists believe that the solution to the world’s woes is ‘right action’. Not quite. Jesus declared that He came to undo the theft of life, to undo lies and draw us into His life without limit. Life itself may be defined as our sharing the life the triune God.

Our inheritance is union with God. Our righteousness is Christ our life. Genuine wholeness and holiness is the fruit of union with God.


In these posts, I have presented a line of thought that suggests that to make the law the key issue of salvation is to deny ourselves spirit and life because it infers that Jesus’ pre-occupation when he came among us was to uphold the law. Not so. Jesus lived from His Father. His purpose was to reveal the Father as Father and ourselves as who we are in Christ. Law centrality is wrong because the issue of life is not doing but being. In our case being one with God or being in separation from God. In Adam/Moses we are separated. In Christ we and Father are one.

A gospel in which the law is the key issue did not come from God and is actually a doctrine of demons because it imprisons people in Adam’s tree of separation and death.


Jesus being part of the trinity joins us to the trinity which is oneness as a state of being. Arius and his supporters would have made separation from God the heretical culture of the Church had they won the day. Their Christ was not deemed to be God which, meant that in this view humans were not joined by Christ to God and so did not actually become sons and daughters of God. Many Christians do not see themselves as sons of God, thinking it presumptuous. Sadly they implicitly see themselves as workers and slaves as Paul laments in Galatians. Why? They live out of sin-consciousness instead of son consciousness.

To portray Christ as the Upholder of the Law, when the law is irrelevant to our union with God is to detract from His Person and degrade Him into being less than He is. Of course, Christ is the logos – the divine reason and purpose of the universe. But keep in mind that Jesus as The Word is never THE LETTER since He and Father are one. The Word is not defined as words but as Jesus Christ. THE WORD IS THE CHRIST OF GOD.

The Living Word is never anything to do with ‘the letter’ because the letter is not alive and is an expression of the bits and pieces and contradictions of the knowledge of good and evil. Why live in this when you can live incarnated with Christ?


Athanasius “Argues that “the Spirit of the Son” cannot “be a creature,” for as “the Word and the Father” are one, so “the Holy Spirit” shares “the same oneness with the Son as the Son with the Father,” and so the Holy Spirit must be divine as the Father and Son are divine. If God is a Triad, then the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit must share the same divine nature. To speak correctly of the Word demands that one “think soundly of the Spirit also, who proceeds from the Father, and, belonging to the Word, is from him given to his disciples and all who believe in him.” (1) His topic here is the Holy Spirit. But what he writes of the Spirit applies just as much to the Christ of God who is life in Himself because He and Father are one. He belongs to the trinity which explains His nature in a way that the law – which is an abstraction and a construct of the knowledge of good and evil does not.


There is nothing new under the sun. The addition of the law to post cross life in God is a deception and a nonsense because we have been enfolded in the life of the trinity in the person of Jesus Christ. Similar to the original lie it assumes that something must be added to the sonship that we already have in God by creation and re-creation that is ours via the cross and the resurrected Jesus who is indeed our life in every possible way.

(1) Thomas G. Weinandy, Daniel A. Keating - Athanasius and His Legacy: Trinitarian-Incarnational Soteriology and Its Reception (Mapping the Tradition) Paperback – November 1, 2017. P.30