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The world was not flat because everyone believed it was. Cannibalism is not right because that’s your culture. Un-hygienic living is not ok because that’s your tribal custom. Something is not true because many religious people think it is. Nor is it true because it is supported by religious authorities that minister distorted gospels.


In his book on the importance of living in our new covenant inheritance, Michael Kepler tells this story, “I remember a time when some of us were hanging out and one of my friends said, “Mike, my uncle says that verse you shared with us isn’t in the Bible.” Her uncle was in the ministry, and although I still recall the passage, the reference isn’t important here. I went and got my Bible and showed our little group where it was with chapter and verse. I looked at them perplexed as I had just submitted proof that I had not made it up. One of the other kids responded and said, “Well, Mike, he is a minister.”

“The point being that people will often believe whatever they are told if they think they can trust the source. I learned early in life that it’s hard to show people truth and freedom when they are content with being led by the blind.”


There are many blind people, led by the blind. Blind because they are gullible, too lazy to be passionate about life or just riding along on the wide way that leads – if not to destruction – a depleted life.

A distorted gospel can be a passport to heaven because of grace, but it does not stop us being a cripple for our entire lives in the body.

‘Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it’ Matt 7.13 NIV.

In this very season we are witnessing the tragedy of millions of people believing nonsense because they choose to believe fictions. They have put their faith in a leader who lies to them – one who is so separated from reality that he has been called ‘deranged.’ Yet sincere people have attached themselves to these fables as if they are the truth. Being sincere does not save one from futility even if one is intelligent. Get on a plane thinking you are going to Melbourne will not get you there is the flight is actually going to Darwin. Grace is good but grace and truth is better.


Wise and Godly people are known by what they do and what they believe. It takes more Godly boldness to live Christ our life than it does religion our un-life.

If we are living from moralism, it’s not ok to be doing so because that’s what we have been taught. It’s not ok to live from the law because you believe lies that were taught by pioneers who could have known better. It’s not all good to be travelling on the wide way when the narrow way is the Christ incarnated life – the one in that John called ‘Christ come in the flesh.’ This is the life that is opposed by the spirit of anti-christ which is the spirit of religion.


What is the foundation of the gospel? Simply put, the gospel is a revelation, or revealing of God’s righteousness. Not our righteousness, but his, and it came to be revealed in us. How is it revealed in us? It is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ who is God united with humanity in general and you in particular. The converse is also true. The Gospel is you made one with God in Jesus Christ.

Political correctness is a secular form of legalism. Religious legalism is selling yourself short in the name of God. It’s living in a lesser gospel originating in doctrines of demons.


If we choose, we can live as peasant scavenger in a scarcity gospel in bits of law, pieces of moralism and peaching based on the principles of the knowledge of good and evil. To do this is to adopt the zombie look that is so common at the moment in dystopian movies. Zombies are the half-dead who eat people – a parable of those who live from the law and judge others as a way of life. If you have worked in some faith communities you will know this is true.


Christianity as a version of the knowledge of good and evil is not the gospel of the Kingdom. Grace as a means of keeping the law is not the gospel of the Kingdom either. And neither is spiritual gifts added to the old covenant age of separation and alienation the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles. Christ our life is the Gospel of the Kingdom, of Jesus, of the apostles of the church fathers and the Reformed Theology.

The Gospel as Paul implied succinctly is the words, ‘Christ our life.’ This is grace in its fullness and un-minimised form. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you; John 14.20. This is the day you live in your inheritance and demonstrate real obedience. It’s the day we are born out of old Adam into the new Adam who is Christ our life. This is the day we begin to minister the new covenant and become agents of the New Creation.