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‘And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. Christ your life has been available to the whole world since the resurrection of Jesus.

Watchman Nee’s ‘Normal Christian Life’ is about life that is far from pedestrian. But he was not talking moralism. He was on about the spirit and life that is ours in union with God. Knowing what we know today, we would call it Christ our life. We would be talking about the incarnation and not the attempt to be a person in the externalities of law, moralism and institutionalism. These may be the trinity of religion but they are not spiritually alive. When Christ is our life, we are always alive at every time and in every place because His life incarnated in us is spirit and life.

Don’t rely on anything religious to make you a living person because it cannot. The anointing and the gifts are no substitute for union with God. The direct presence of Christ in our being ignites us with spirit and life. The cool thing about Christ our life is that we live in the material world as a person with an ignited spirit.

The genius of our salvation in Christ is that in Jesus we are enfolded in God in oneness – in the oneness that is three persons one God. The nature of God is also the nature of our union with God and the source of our righteousness as grace and sanctification. Alive in Christ Phil and Jane become the expression of Jesus.


If we choose, we can live a life as a piece of institutional momentum and who is to say we may not exude a few drops of life. We may our live our life in a coma of religion in good standing with an occasional outreach effort. We are not bad people. Just not fully alive. Real life is a state of being that is ours when we are one with God – because we are alert enough to choose to live in what is already ours. One with God we can emit life itself because we are life.


Oneness with Christ means oneness with God for us. We need this to be nurtured as sons and daughters of God and we need the healing that flows from the unpolluted life that is God in us and with us.

In actual fact we are already one with God in Christ. We are one with Christ in whom is no dualism, no split life and no compartment called righteousness that is separate from His Person.

You have a Sabbath life because your peace with God has already been. Made. It’s called atonement. Your oneness with God has been achieved. Jesus is your rest for human restlessness. Any other rest is no rest at all.


Thomas Torrance observes that “As fallen human beings, we are quite unable through our own free-will to escape from our self-will for our free-will is our self-will. Likewise, sin has been so ingrained into our minds that we are unable to repent and have to repent even of the kind of repentance we bring before God.

But Jesus Christ laid hold of us even there in our sinful repentance and turned everything round through his holy vicarious repentance, when he bore not just upon his body but upon his human mind and soul the righteous judgments of God and resurrected our human nature in the integrity of his body, mind and soul from the grave. Thus as the firstborn of every creature he became the firstborn from the dead, and the head of the Church of the firstborn.”


We can BE LIFE just as Jesus is life. On this side of the cross, we become the expression of Him. Not Jesus in person but as Jim and Lyn we become the manifestation of Jesus Christ. This is life in the Spirit. Life in the separation of the law and old covenant plus ‘the gifts’ is not life in the Spirit. It’s life in Adam.

There’s nothing impersonal about being part of the life of the trinity. You are in communion with God and a manifestation of this tripartite personal life. You are alive to the full. Made one with this God who is three persons and one, our fractured being is healed and we are made whole at the basis of our being – our heart.

When Christ is our life we become to a lesser extent, the way the truth and the life – because we are the expression of Jesus and more. We are a manifestation of the trinity.


Some may say this is new age. A certain kind of religion has been making stupid utterances about anything holistic since the 1970s and probably before. They said Jesus’ healing and raising of the dead was Beelzebub. Real life is continually opposed by futility, stupidity and dead folks talking and death in the name of life.


The flesh is the law and anything that is not the incarnation. ‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.

We can choose iconic behaviours and imagine our own grace. Wearing a burka does not grace us. Neither does Sabbath-keeping or opposition to homosexuality. We are not one with God by behaviours or stances. We are one with God by agreeing with Jesus that He is our oneness with God.

Jesus is not separate from His qualities. He is those qualities. A son/daughter is the same. Sons and daughters are sons and daughter in the son of God, Jesus Christ.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. We have not been graced to keep the law. We are graced to be sons of God.


By living from religion, we can exist in an ‘unlife’ form of living. With Christ our life as our life, we can overflow with spirit and life. There’s a difference between being a son/daughter of God and a collection of qualities. One is a person. The other is a cripple. With Christ as our life we are alive in His original intention – not an expression of some twig from the tree of abstractions. When Christ is our life, we become what we really are – a manifestation of God. Living in the new covenant with Christ as our life we are always more than we are. His Face is revealed in you.