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It’s important to ‘do’ things. We get a sense of fulfilment in doing and in doing what God made us to do we enrich the life of the Kingdom of God.

All of life is God’s Kingdom and all of life has the benefit of the incarnation. The new creation happens as we become who we are in 0ur personal creativity everywhere in life.


We are not all meant to be doing the same thing. Fruitful, life-giving labour comes from being who we are. You need to be confident in your identity to work fruitfully and so comfortable in your union with God that you are able to resist pressure from those who labouring in the ‘Marthadom’ of religion and under the impression that everyone should be doing what they are doing.


Spirit and life flows from us when we live in the simplicity of union with God. Much religious effort is well-meant but not productive of spirit and life. There is effort that releases spirit and life that expands the kingdom and effort that meets a need but advances the Kingdom not at all - because it’s a work of the flesh and a bid to gain favour with God. The thing is, you already have favour and you are already one with God – not separated. You are a son/daughter who has a domain of fruitfulness that arises from your oneness with Christ and your identity as a daughter/son.

Religion is not spirituality. Spirituality is you in the stream of life flowing from God into you. The best spirituality is Jesus as you.


If you work is an addition to yourself, a compartment unrelated to who you really are, rather than a part of yourself and a natural expression of Christ in you, your labour did not come from God. Christian friends can help ignite your life or be a drag. The former are sons and daughters of God. The inhibiters of real life are sons of religion, probably involved in a contractual relationship with God. There’s no contract in Kingdom life. God is your life and you are alive when Christ is you.


You had an identity before you were born. You were seen as unique before the creation of the world and are so again as an agent of the new creation. The expression of true identity comes from this real self in Christ doing in the world what your spirit and the Spirit of God, is leading you to do. Flee people who have a religious agenda. Chances are they have an incomplete view of God and a mis-understanding of themselves. Their mission is frequently not life-giving and actually inhibiting of people who are agents of spirit and life.


Martha at the stage she was at in Jesus’ story was not a giver of spirit and life. She was a type of those among us who inhibit spirit and life among those who are spirit and life. They cannot see it because as Jesus told Nicodemus, such people cannot see the Kingdom of God.

‘Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again’ John 3.3 NIV. We are born again when Christ is our life and religion is not.

Richard Rohr puts it well. “Action does not mean activism, busyness, or do-goodism. Action, however, does mean a decisive commitment toward involvement and engagement in the social order. Issues will not be resolved by mere reflection, discussion, or even prayer.

God "works together with" (Rom. 8:28) all those who love. To re-quote so many saints, "We must work as if it all depends on us and pray as if it all depends on God." That does not imply frenetic programming, but it does say that our work is essential and even co-creative of the new world. Our action is apparently important and dignified in God's eyes. In a real sense we even have a bias toward action, because there is no reason to believe that God gives us anything that we have not said yes to - by work, decision, and effort.”

By agreeing with Christ that He is our life we can be persons whose presence creates spirit and life, just as Jesus did.

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