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‘In the Spirit’ is not being in possession of a spiritual gift or some gifts. “In the Spirit’ is our new covenant union with God. In the Spirit is the only way one can be in union with God. They mystery of the incarnation is Christ come in our flesh.

In oneness with Christ we become spiritually discerning because we have been delivered from the delusions of the bifurcated realm of the knowledge of good and evil. We are one with God and we live in God because He has drawn us into His life. We see as God sees because in Christ we are one with light and life.

‘When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life’ John 8.12 NIV.


Should we still be living in in a pre-cross mode we will take refuge in positions and definitions. And do so while remaining outside the truth and purveying somethings and nothings as if they are the truth. There is nothing as disheartening as enduring a lengthy discourse that is bereft of spirit and life. Sadly this is all some people know.


As ministers of the new covenant, we speak in the Spirit and Christ comes in the flesh. We are one with God and one with the truth. Truth becomes a manifestation of God in us – not because we are clever or educated but because we have literally agreed that Christ is our life. As sons we have become the truth. Truth when spoken in oneness with God is alive. Truth when born by the letter is dead. People can discourse on the spirit of sonship without being sons – because they are workers. They can wax eloquent on the topic of discernment without being discerning – because they are insulated from reality in the letter and religion.

“Words [to sons of God] are mere guideposts now, and you recognize that most people have made them into hitching posts. Inside of such broad and deep awareness, paradoxes are easily accepted, and former mental contradictions seem to dissolve.” (1)

Life flows from you but not because you have assembled a series of scriptures. It flows from you because as a son in union with God, you are a channel of spirit and life.

Now we are released from the law. We are not contained in the categories of the knowledge of good and evil. We have been encompassed by the One Spirit and are interwoven with God. We live in realisation: ‘that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ instead of the separated and contractual relationship of the law.


People who are life are quite different to those who are differentiating themselves from parts of life in order to acquire it and who are one with God instead of running an ongoing bargain to achieve a relationship with God. In Christ you and Father are one.

“There is only Christ: he is everything and he is in everything” (Colossians 3:11), we might say. To the outsider, it sounds like overstatement or mere poetry, but afterward, such people are not rebels against anything except any attempts to block that kind of encounter for others. They are only in love, with life, and life for all. They may look dangerous and even heretical to those who have not shared a similar experience, and that is a burden they must forever carry. They have no time for being against; there is now so much to be for!” (2)

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