There’s a reason why some are blind to the truth that Christ is their life. They have made what they call ‘their life’ from an alternative foundation – which for some branches of the church is the ‘false husband’ of the law.
Douglas Campbell observes that, “
If Christians think that they can prove the existence of God acting in Jesus independently of God's revelation of Godself, using some higher truth [like a supposed super-ordinate entity of the law] or argument or position .., they pay a heavy price… But not only do these magnificently pretentious truth systems designed
to prove God's existence [or pose as a gospel] collapse under closer scrutiny,
They also tend to obstruct us from ever reaching the truth
that really matters, which is Jesus … [A common symptom is possessing a Christian ideology rather than a personal Christ].
“When we construct our foundation, we are invariably deriving some universal principle or dynamic from our own reality as our truth criterion [like the law and an imagined Great Controversy] and extrapolating or developing it in a way that will hopefully lead us to God. This key principle will have to be something very broad and universal and abstract. [Legalism is  devotion to an abstraction that degrades the supremacy of the trinity] So we will be reflecting on the inner nature of all reality in terms of an essence …” The result in some cultures is the worship of a rational/legal ideology that blinds its inmates to the real gospel of Jesus, Paul and John.
By supposing that this is the way to the church’s truth, we then, in all good conscience, oppose those who try to approach it in other ways, including, and perhaps especially opposing, the poor people who simply claim that the crucified Jesus is Lord and attribute that claim to the Lord
The end result of all this investment will be the determined obstruction of the very truth that we are supposed to be reaching—that God was fully present in Jesus and speaks this truth to the church in whatever way God wants to. Not only will our magnificent systems fail us then by proving untrue and generating atheism; they will block the way to the very objective that they are supposedly trying to establish.  (1) This is to say that this alternative gospel becomes an opiate of the people that stupefies them in the delusion they have adopted as a mark of their identity and imagined status.
A foundation that is the law, blinds us to the truth that the foundation of life and hub of the universe is nothing so abstract as the law, as a Mason or legalist might imagine. The foundation is God in the triune form of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The trinity is the foundation of life and our inclusion in this fellowship is the Truth of the Ages.
(1) Pauline Dogmatics The Triumph of Gods Love (Campbell, Douglas A.)