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One of the ploys of the self is to add God to what we already believe. This happens when we interpret the word through our own ideas, inherited notions and denominational formulations that make us feel special and which we think afford us an identity.

So appealing and seductive is the need to acquire an identity and status from partisan beliefs that we can easily convince ourselves that we belong to the Body of Christ even if the gospel we have attached ourselves to, is not the Gospel of Christ, the apostles or Fathers of the Church.


We can assert belonging even when our belief system is inherently dualistic and separationist because we are evangelists of the law and inmates of the dichotomies of the knowledge of good and evil.

In Him, we live and move and have our being, Paul affirmed. We do if we live in Christ and not in separated Adam. The reality we create is what we believe in our mind. It’s important to have the mind of Christ and be one with His Gospel.


In his commentary on the Epistle To The Romans, Karl Barth observes that, “In 'believing' on Him, we justify, enjoy, and adore ourselves. Our devotion consists in a solemn affirmation of ourselves and of the world and in a pious setting aside of the contradiction.” The pious setting aside of the contradiction may take the form of a partisan version of morality – one that leaves us unaffected despite the malfeasance of others. An example of this is horror evinced at sexual sin and the convenient blindness to economic and political wickedness that justified poverty and which kills the earth.


Barth continues, “Under the banners of humility and emotion we rise in rebellion against God. We confound time with eternity. That is our unrighteousness.—Such is our relation to God apart from and without Christ, on this side resurrection, and before we are called to order. God Himself is not acknowledged as God and what is called 'God' is in fact Man. By living to ourselves, we serve the 'No-God'.”

The notion of the New Creation and Kingdom of God under this mindset immunises itself against regeneration because it rejects the humility of the deeper life and the spiritual discernment that comes when Christ is actually our life. Is our life because we have not presumed to confuse our life as His life.

Christ in you, Christ incarnated in us, Christ in 0ur being. Christ mediated directly to the self and the church is the Kingdom of God among us that makes us ministers of His infinite life and not place-holders of humbug and Adam’s folly.