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If you have a hunger for life this will surface as a passion for Jesus. An affinity with what is important to Jesus will sensitise you to the spirit of revelation that surrounds you from His person. Jesus came to undo lies and distribute life to the full. He is not the God of limited back-waters of belief.


Writing in His book, ‘God Believes in You’ Francois Du Toit observes that “Nothing is more fascinating than to witness windows of spirit within your reach open beyond the blurry boundaries of the senses and science. The attraction promises the most rewarding encounter. Spirit knowledge unveils the invisible world of thought and imagination.”


As a post cross person, you have access to the Light of Life that was never available to any of the old testament Greats. Our post cross oneness with Christ is Life in the Spirit. It begins our encounter with the Reality of God and the knowing of the reality of the self. It’s the Door to spiritual discernment.

These ‘windows of the spirit’ are encounters of union with God or more exactly God encountering you in the world of things and the flesh. These windows appear to all. In our normal life, which is our immersion in the knowledge of good and evil they appear momentarily as the invitation to surpassing life.


They are always an effect of Christ’s presence who undoes veils of illusion.

The entrance of the Pevensies to Narnia through the wardrobe is an example of an encounter with ‘seeing in the Spirit’ and the beginning of the dissipation of the ultimate lie that the flesh is holiness and life. It promises the ability to see reality instead of illusion and the facility to perceive the real instead of shadow.

To live from the law is to bind the self in the shadow instead of the reality that is Christ. Christ is the Way and the Light.


The law of the spirit of life is God in you. Spirit is the opposite to the law and the flesh. Spirit is life itself. Spirit and life is the effect of the trinity in us. It is ours when Christ has come in our flesh so that our flesh is a vehicle of the spirit of wisdom and revelation.


There are those who have never made this jump – from law to life as themselves in Christ. Never made it because they are clinging like a limpet to the status and identity they think they have from some brand of religion that was passed onto them by others. Sadly, they are not fully alive and cannot see. Every circumstance or revelation that comes their way, they interpret as less than it is. Interpret it in terms of the law actually. Always a religious interpretation but never the meaning Jesus was inviting them to receive.


Veiled vision - since all their perceptions are the effect of the knowledge of good and evil in which they live on account of their idol of the law. You can rely on these people to give a religious account of any words when the truth is far a far deeper revelation of the difference between life and religion.

This is why some people can ‘see’ and others cannot. It’s not based on intelligence of education. It’s the possession of those who have one husband rather than Jesus plus their inherited beliefs.

‘Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living. And, I suppose I should add, it is traditionalism that gives tradition such a bad name. Jesus most harsh words were reserved for the religious leaders of His day, and among His most harsh words for them was the elevation of tradition over God.’ (2) The most insidious form of tradition is an obsession with the law – which is a counterfeit of righteousness and a suffocator of life.

(1) Francois Du Toit, God Believes in You, p.11.

(2) Ed Stetzer in ‘Christianity Today.’