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Most of us would have been raised with a religious notion of being born again. By this I mean the idea that we have decided to give up a bunch of sins, come to Jesus and do a bunch of good deeds from this point on. Good luck with that one. Many of us would have found - that is those who took their relationship with

God seriously - that we did not suddenly become better. I remember following my own baptism that

I proved to be the same person I was before I was baptized.


It usually takes some time before we learn that our baptism was not about being baptized into religion.

And many in some churches never move beyond the notion that Christianity is not a moral program. Few realize that the Kingdom Jesus began is not a religion at all, but plain and simple His life as ours. This why it is a diversion and a mistake to get strung up on rites and sacraments when the real sacrament is Christ’s life as yours every day.

Our new birth happens when we realize and act on what has been revealed as the Real Reality of the Kingdom Jesus began: "Jesus becomes us." The Greek word for this is perichoresis which means that we become interwoven into the Godhead but retain our identity as the son/daughter we are. Thus the new birth is an exchange wrought by the cross. It's the change from our life in Adam to our life in Christ. If we are really born again, as opposed to a religious rebirth, this will be the transition from our life in Adam to our life in Jesus and the beginning of the new creation in us. This is the emergence of the real self and the start of our progress from glory to glory as sons and daughters of God.


Notice that this has nothing to do with the law and it is not religious. There is nothing pious about Christ come in our flesh. No humbug and no posing. It’s Jesus beginning to manifest as us. This is incarnation and life in the Spirit. ‘This is the Spirit of God’ because it is not the spirit of religion.

But it's nothing nebulous. It's Christ come as you. You are not deity. But you are a son of God.

People can work all their lives for God without ever experiencing the new birth in the terms outlined here. This means that they have lived their entire lives in their false self and a result probably promoted a false gospel. There are gospels that produce drops of living water and drops that produce rivers of spirit and life.

The new birth is the start of our divesting ourselves of our false self. If we have live from the law and it’s culture this will be a new experience and a new life because it will be Christ your life. Our real self is who we are in communion with Jesus. Jesus is less interested in what we have achieved and very involved how we are going at being our real selves. This about our design and it is the harvest of His passion and His cross.

You will find a series of excellent essays on the false self and the true self here.
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