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Where is reality? Reality is Christ not just in the spiritual sphere but in every sphere. Reality is Christ. Christ is incarnated in you – which means Christ has come in our flesh and by coming in our flesh He has incarnated Himself into the world. In the post cross age you are the manifestation of God in the world and your life and activities are the expanding Kingdom of God – if you are living in your inheritance of union and not in the deception of separation.

Separation from God ended at the cross.


Jesus could say, ‘I and the Father are one.’ So can you. You can do this with faith and without presumption because His relationship with Father is your relationship with Father.

‘All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him’ Matt 11.27 NIV. To whom does Jesus reveal Himself and Father? To those who choose to be His disciples.

We will enter unapparelled fullness of life and become knowers of light if we are disciples rather than adherents of our own ideas and inherited perspectives.

Our reality is the life of God incarnated in our life. Thus Paul assures us that the life of God is not found in rites and definitions. It is seen in the spirit and life of God flowing through you into the world. ‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15 NIV. This statement applies to every aspect of law-culture and religion. It implies that if we retain ourselves in any scintilla of the law we insulate ourselves from Christ as our life.


If you have been socialised in a legalistic framework you will be accustomed to thinking of reality as divided into sacred and profane. It never was divided or compartmentalised since the creation. Such thinking has been the result of the dichotomised world of the knowledge of good and evil – in which many Christians still live. The age of the monasteries was well meant but suffered from the illusion that a holy life is separate to an everyday life. It’s not. God is in you which means that God is where you are.


The witness of Jesus is that holiness is among men and women in their everyday doings because the Holy One is in us and woven into our being. Jesus walking the streets and in boats on a lake is the pattern of His life in us today – whether we are beside the washing machine or putting the bins out on the street, we are in Christ. We are holy as God is Holy because Christ our life.


Following Pentecost the declaration of the cross – the two being made one - was executed by Holy Spirit at Pentecost as Holy Spirit made real what the trinity had accomplished: The incarnation which is Christ come in our flesh. Christ come in the flesh is the new creation come in you. Christ in you is the new creation in the world.

Avoid ‘other gospels’ which undo the achievement of the cross and replace it with the law – meaning the flesh come in the flesh. This is always the work of anti-christ who seeks to undermine the union with God that God has made for Himself and for us. It’s a variation on the tenets of the first lie – the lie that God’s provision cannot be trusted and that you are not enough as a son of God so that something of your own must be added.

Not so. “It is finished.” You and Father are one. Working at your salvation with fear and trembling is not about ‘works.’ It means resting in the state of being that is yours – union with God and not adding provisos and hoops to jump through of your own.


We can live as our real self or live as a lie. To be real is to be who we are in Christ. ‘In Christ’ is the ground of our being and the source of the real us. Who we are ethnically and professionally is a portion of who we are but never the deep self. The deep self is who you are in union with Jesus. This is the starting point of you as an authentic son of God. It’s not some piety or effete stance one effects. It not even religious. It’s who we are as a genuine self. Accoutrements of the self like vocation, profession and achievements are never the real you until they are grounded in the reality of your being – the real you defined as your identity in Christ and your sonship in Father. It’s the deep self that is born again and the new self who becomes the new creation kingdom of God.

The fact is, we are real when Christ is our life, when His Spirit in us shapes our being which makes as the expression of our Father. Paul hinted at this when he wrote, ‘If we are still keeping the law, Christ died for nothing.’ For nothing because we are not righteous, for nothing because we are not fully alive and not properly alive because we are not yet you living in spirit and life.


The anointing on Adam is a fizzer. The anointing on Christ (you) s the Kingdom of God. The Spirit was not poured out so that you can live out a religious contract with the gifts added. Jesus lives in you so that you will actually be you and not some cardboard cut-out made from the law, from a denomination or our own mistaken view of life and righteousness. Don’t mistake your loyalty to a denomination as loyalty to Christ. It’s not. It’s loyalty to you. If your identity in a denomination is your priority, you will never actually be you – but a self-confected imitation of your true self. You and all of us are real when Christ is us. This is the paradox of new birth, new creation, incarnation and Kingdom of God.

“It will really help you, Christian or not, if you can begin to see Jesus—and Christ—as coming out of Reality, naming it, giving it a face, not appearing to Reality from another world. There is no group to join here, no need to sign on the dotted line, only a generous moment of recognition that the Inner and the Outer are one and the same. Our inner meaning and Christ’s outer meaning, if you will. They mirror one another: Human anthropology matches a divine theology.” (1)

This is not as abstruse as it may appear. It means that you know yourself as you are in God without addition. The pure in heart see God but that’s not all they see. They see themselves, know themselves and grow in sonship. In Father you achieve your real being as a son/daughter without self-added artifice or confected behaviors. In Christ we are made whole because we are made real.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 174). SPCK. Kindle Edition.