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If you are on a flight it’s good to know that you are on your way to Heathrow, where you are meeting your Mum and not actually headed to San Francisco. It’s good to know that what we believe is grounded in truth and not in cunningly devised fables. Truth is Jesus. After that truth is Jesus’ teaching and the apostle’s doctrine. Truth is known by living in God and not the in the Knowledge of good and evil. Truth flourishes in the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Being ‘in the truth’ means living from the reality of what God has gifted us as The Kingdom. It’s not something made up, the property of vested interests or of any private interpretation. There is one gospel of the Kingdom – never many.

Ministries, institutions and whole denominations can be erected on a foundation of illegitimate adjustments to Jesus’ gospel. There has never been a legitimate addition to the Gospel as revealed by Jesus, John, Paul and the writers of the new testament. Nor need there be. ‘This Gospel’ is the truth that sets us free and the truth that is the alpha and omega of Kingdom life.


The cross is called the cross for a reason. Not only because it’s shape is the cross the cross. It divides history from the fall of humanity in Adam, to the rise of humanity in Jesus Christ.

The cross is the division between life in the knowledge of good and life in oneness with God. The cross is the cross-road between separation from God and union with God. The cross is the transition from Adam’s life to our Christ life – from life in the flesh to life in the Spirit and life in Babylon to the inevitable advance of our being in the new creation Kingdom of God.

Our new covenant life in Christ is based on the fact of our forgiveness, the completed at-one-ment for sin, the incarnation of the trinity in the being of all who believe and the life of Christ not only for us but His Spirit manifesting in us and as us. Alive in His spirit and life we are the Body of Christ. The best summation of the gospel of the Kingdom might be found in that subtle and extensive reality called
the vicarious humanity of Jesus.


Because Christ is our life, we are at liberty to express Him as we choose. In this we are privileged to become more than Christ-like. We are more than just believers and practitioners of high morality. As sons and daughters each of us are a son/daughter of God. We were born from the trinity and we are destined to fellowship with the trinity. They live in us. Fullness in Christ is first realised in living in
all of His gospel. Secondly as His Person manifest as us. This is the meaning of the Body of Christ in fullness. We are part of Jesus, interwoven with God and participants in the fellowship of the trinity.

We are not authorised to manufacture
another gospel or make any addition or subtraction from the gospel Jesus lived and taught and unwrapped by the apostles. Whether we baptise by sprinkling or immersion is neither here nor there. Things like that are not important for the advance of the Kingdom. But living in and teaching His gospel alone as light and truth is important. It’s one thing to express our life in Christ according to our individuality. It’s quite another to hold to and promote a difference in belief and practice that is another gospel.


A seriously distorted gospel is that which John warned of many years ago. This is the warning about distorting the gospel so that the flesh comes in the flesh instead of Christ coming in our flesh. Here it is signalled that the incarnation – Christ in us - releasing Himself through us, is the key dynamic of the new testament age. This is Christ in you, Christ infused into your spirit, soul and body. John warns of undoing the cross, a reverting to the law with the resulting suffocation of our life in the Spirit of Christ. This is a warning about not only walking in the light but against being blind guides.

‘For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.


Of course, if we agree that we can believe anything we choose and still be part of The Body, then truth is meaningless. If everyone is right then no one is wrong. Light is darkness and darkness is light and the gospel of the Kingdom has been neutered by the anti-christ spirit. Should we be part of such conceit, now is a good time to repent of it. The Father of lies has a vested interest in keeping people in arrested development if not paralysis. It is possible to deceive the elect, but only if the elect insist on their own gospel and cultivate themselves as tares.


We are living in the season when tares are being uprooted and replaced with wheat. This is a time of great privilege and opportunity. Veils are being removed and God’s people are being ushered into something better than notional sonship. They are becoming sons and daughters in spirit and in truth.
‘As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age’ Matt 13.40 NIV.