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What we live out of will determine our authenticity in the body of Christ or something less. Should we be the product of the law, we will live in a lesser mode, separated in our minds from God. Theoretically we will be the Body of Christ. But not in spirit and in truth. Should Christ be our life – which Paul advocated, and which is not only a possibility, but THE NEW AND LIVING way – we will collectively be the expression of His person. We will be the body of Christ in spirit and in truth. Being the Body of Christ is the effect of our possessing our inheritance of union with God.


You are what you believe when you live in your inherited status. This is to say that the king is not a king if he insists on being a beggar.


Atonement means achieved oneness with God. Incarnation means God in uou and expressed as you.

The Body of Christ is Jesus incarnated as we who believe. We are not one with Him because we have done something. We are one because God has done something. We have union with the trinity – they indwell us and manifest in our flesh because they have done something. They have guaranteed our belonging in God. They have made us one in Christ by the cross and the indwelling of the Spirit.


All belonging stems from Christ and our agreement with His achievement for us. Our agreeing is that we declare and live that He has received us into His life. Our oneness with His person is found in the reality that is Jesus come in our flesh. Together, because, Jesus is manifest in us we are the body of Christ and the church Jesus builds without human hands. These Believers are literally the expression of Christ in the world. One with Jesus they are the manifestation of those who live in the reality of their sonship. As such they are agents not of ecclesiastical structures but of the new creation. Verna Dozier writes of a conversation about her book that is implicitly about the difference between union with God and.. well.. union with ourselves.


“It’s is going to be about how I think the institutional church has missed the mark of what it ought to be about,” I replied. ‘The institutional church?” he puzzled. “What other church is there?” ‘The people of God,” I replied. ‘The baptized community.” “But how would they function without an institution?” he smiled. Aye, there’s the rub, as Hamlet would say. The little band, the church of St. Paul’s day, needed an organization, a structure, an institution to maintain itself but the institution took over the little band.” (1)

Jesus incarnated in you, will manifest as Jesus incarnated in the institutions you are in.


All can be defined as the people of God. The sons of God are those joined in spirit and in truth to our Father in Jesus. We live in fullness as sons when Christ is our life. We exist in partiality and weakness when intervening things dilute this life. The institutional church that took over the simplicity of Christ in us is the mirror image of those who have not relinquished the law but live in the letter. They ignore the new covenant and cling to the imaginary solid ground of words on stone, of religion and structures.


The whole world has a habit of growing foodstuffs, feeding it to animals and then eating the animals. It’s like Believers and the Christ. They work away at Christ making religion. Then they eat the religion, as it were. What they could have done was ‘Eat Christ,’ and received His life directly. Jesus said, ‘Those who eat me will live because of me.’ It’s plain enough that those who don’t eat Him are only just alive.


The un-incarnated, institutional church is the manifestation of ‘the letter’, just as the religious person is a manifestation of the letter. But in this age your privilege is to be a manifestation of Christ. Christ is your life. He lives in you by the Spirit and manifests through your being. You are alive in His life in spirit and in truth. In this union, you manifest as a son/daughter and the church manifests as the Kingdom of God. This union is direct.

Of course, it matters not whether you worship in a church or a shed or under a tree or while doing your work. God is in you and with you. As a son of God, you are a worshiper. Or not. Maybe a religious operative. You are incarnated with the indwelling trinity. This is the church built without human hands – humanity indwelt and aglow in God. God is where you are and you are an agent of the new creation.

(1) Dozier, Verna J.. The Dream of God: A Call to Return (Seabury Classics) (Kindle Locations 47-53). Church Publishing. Kindle Edition.