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One grows into the knowing of God. Never when habitually boxing him in to tidy compartments. He is knowable – but not all at once. And since He is infinite, He is always an adventure because there is always more to appreciate and understand.


We are persons, always ourselves but always in a state of becoming. This is a reflection of Father. In Father we live in the spirit of sonship. We know Father in Jesus. So no need to go on about how big He is. Or trying to get a grip on Him by being awestruck at the Rocky Mountains. He is not a thing. He lives in us and His spirit witnesses to our heart. He is knowable, He lives in you and desires to share Himself with you as a son. But one might not know this in fundamentalism. God can get to be reduced to the letter and become a figment of words rather than who He is – three persons one God in whom we live and have our being.


Athanasius wrote, “He became what we are so that he might make us what he is.”

‘Being’ is not encasement in words or beliefs. ‘Being’ is communion with God as the embodiment of Person and Relationship. Our being is made whole in oneness with God. One with Christ we are revealed as ourselves. One with the law we stagnate and diminish. Adam gave us separation. Christ has given us union with God.


The truth of the new covenant and the incarnated life of God in people has been too thin on the ground amongst many Christians. Not only in the plainly legalistic churches but in the churches were a more subtle and cultural legalism is the norm. This is always the case where the things of Christ rather than Christ Himself is our life. This is why we must sit up and take notice when people like Dr Gordon Moyes point out that Christianity is not a religion – It’s a person.

The coolness of Kingdom life is that Christ is expressed as you. This is life in the Spirit.

The appearance of whacky ideas in the mainstream is not only because of social media. It’s because much Christianity is not about a personal Jesus. T. S. Eliot was right when he wrote of ‘head piece filled with straw’. If our being is not the effect of Christ our life our epistemology will have no center and no anchor. It will decay into relativism and the into chaos.


The Kingdom is an incarnation – Christ in us and more. The trinity in us. Holy Communion is a life. The Lord’s Table reminds us of and affirms that this is the basis of living in the world.


Religion can immunise us against light and truth. Religious folks are not noted for spiritual discernment. Much religion perpetuates the illusion that we remain separated from God. We are not. When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ our separation from God was finished. Jesus does not serve us up plates of religion. He gives us union with Himself. This is the reward of the at-one-ment. The results is incarnation. The effect in uou is that you become the expression of Christ.


Jesus’ Kingdom is not an attempted following of His teachings and values. It is His life lived in us by His Spirit. The Kingdom is not the knowledge of good and evil with Jesus added, just as it is not the gifts added onto the law and old covenant. The Kingdom is Jesus expressed as us.


When we have Jesus as a construct rather than the reality, we are not one with Him as a state of being. We have attached ourselves to a shadow. But reality is Christ.

The Reality will not force Himself on us. He is always with us and takes every opportunity to draw us into Himself and His life. He can seize the moment when a vulnerability occurs in the tissue of lies and illusions that we have called our faith. Anything that is not Jesus is not real in the spiritual sense. Yet in us He confers reality on all we do.


Many Christian myths result in the dulling of the revelation of Christ and our inheritance in Him. One is the attempt to live from the law towards God. A friend once told me that intimacy with Jesus was earned by obedience. It’s not. Intimacy with Jesus is ours through Christ’s life and obedience. Learn to press through your disappointment with your own lack of resolve and performance and live in the vicarious humanity of Jesus. Believe that Jesus is your life. It is our union with Him - that we already have - that drives out sin and delivers us to ourselves.

J. B. Torrance writes, “Worship is.. the gift of participating through the Spirit in the incarnate Son’s communion with the Father.” How cool and effective is that!