In Christ you are one with God. Not one because you earned it or because you keep a holy day, go to holy places like a church, participate in praise and worship or are energetic in acts of charity. You are one with God because in Christ you participate in God as a person who is a son/daughter of God in Christ.
Unless we live incarnated anything we do will be misdirected and bereft of spirit and life.
By drawing near to us in Jesus Christ who took our human
nature upon himself and lived out his divine life within it as a
human life, God has opened up to us knowledge of his
innermost Self as a fullness of personal being and brought us into intimate personal communion with himself as Father, Son and
Holy Spirit.”
Since the cross and Pentecost you are one with God, not separated and not made holy because you have committed yourself to undoing a supposed separation from God. You are one with God because Christ has included you in His one to one communion with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Let us recall once again the words of St Paul in
Ephesians 2.18, which meant so much to the Nicene Church
'For through him we both (i.e. Jews and Gentiles) have access by
one Spirit to the Father.' Through his atoning reconciliation
Christ Jesus has broken down the middle wall of partition
separating Gentiles from Jews in drawing near to God in
worship, thereby incorporating Gentiles into the community to
divine revelation and salvation; but he has also opened a way
through the veil between God and mankind, giving both Jew:
and Gentiles alike access into the immediate presence of God the
Father.” (1)
But this is not just about Jews and Gentiles. It is the universal undoing of adamic separation and mosaic compartmentalisation that many call their religion. Your starting place is union with God. This is the source of the self as a living organism in the Body of Christ.
(1)    Trinitarian Faith The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Faith. 66