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Jesus’ ministry was characterised by grace and truth. He is grace and truth. There is no condemnation in Jesus. He presents Himself as who He is – the life and the way to life. “Life-Giver” is His identity. ‘I am come that you may have life to the full.’ The debilitation of the sons of God, the diminishing of their life in any way is not just a phenomenon. It is evil. We are not at liberty to leave people in a mindset that makes them less than themselves. We are not communities of politicians telling Believers what they want to hear and tip-toing around their shibboleths and false identities. Our mission is to pass on Jesus’ life to the full. Leadership is not telling people what they are used to hearing. It’s telling them the truth.


Jesus was full of grace and truth. Which is why Jesus said, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword’ Matt 10.34. The witness of the sons and daughters of God is primarily themselves as Living Words. But their task is to demolish strongholds of false doctrine and ‘other gospels’ that cripple Believers and encase many in a carcass of death.


Jesus’ message was never a compilation of ‘something and nothing.’ He loved to be who He was: Life. This is why He so loved feeding Mary’s soul when Martha was distracted by wanting to feed Him. But Mary was the one feeding the Son of Man by gracing Him to be who He was: Her Life in Person.

Jesus spoke death to the life that originated in Adam and life to all who would agree to be drawn into His life. Jesus words’ always let loose a sword that cuts lies off at the ankles. But loyalty to truth can also result in our own death as it did with Jesus.

If we are not willing to die for the truth we are not really wedded to life. We will rationalise and make do with the veils that we call our religion and become comatose in the diseased identity and status we think is ours. Fictions and rationalisations will be our religion and we will have the spiritual discernment of a marrow.

But if we are for life as defined and revealed in Jesus we will have no tolerance for diseased spiritualties and distorted gospels. We will join Jesus in promoting His life to the full.

We will, “Go looking for the enemy and his strongholds to attack them. Next we must focus on maintaining the righteousness, peace, and joy of The Lord, and use the joy as a barometer of whether our hearts were staying on course. To do this we resolve to base all of our decisions on what was the right or righteous thing to do, not on what may be expedient.” (1)

His Kingdom is not a kingdom of politicians. It is a Kingdom of sons.

(1) Joyner, Rick. The Valley (Fire on the Mountain Book 2) (Kindle Locations 257-259). MorningStar Publications and Ministries. Kindle Edition.