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When Jesus asked them what they wanted they all replied that they wanted to be made whole. We all do. This what Jesus came among us for – and why He still heals today. God lives to make us whole – whole as persons, as marriages, families and communities.


The Gospel of the Kingdom is the gospel of wholeness. But we are not all whole. Some of us are born physically incomplete. Joshie was born without a thumb. My dad got cancer as a young man and was dead by age twenty nine. My grandfather died of leukaemia before he was an old man. My step-father died before his time with pericarditis. Jesus healed people because He wanted them whole. He raised some from the dead. Others wait for the resurrection. Jesus offered us not only life but a whole life. These healings were a sign of who Jesus was: The healer of the human race.

Healing is the result of union with God. Any healing of the body points to the healing of our union with God. if our libs are healed but our relationship with God is not – we are not healed.

Jesus healed cripples. He healed blind and deaf people. He raised the dead – all signs of the master healing that would soon be in place as a result of His death and resurrection: The healing of our separation from God. The atonement is now in effect. You and I are one with God – the achievement of the trinity on our behalf. Live in your healing.


All of humanity is gifted with salvation. But only those who believe possess it. We are made one with God by the Christ of God and His gospel of the Kingdom. It is this Christ and this gospel – the one Jesus represented and the one that John and Paul explained – the ‘apostles teaching’ that delivers complete healing and wholeness of soul and spirit.


But many are not healed and others are only fractionally alive. Why? They live in an extended version of The Fall – a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil where they try to strike a bargain with God, ‘I’ll do this so that you will do that.’ What is the that? Acceptance into eternal life. This kind of bargain is redundant. You are already accepted and already belong. Live in it!

Healing of the person comes from the undoing of our separation from God. God has placed you in Himself in Jesus. Living from where you are rooted you are positioned to be a son of God and full of the Holy Spirit. Where better to be healed and made whole than day to day living in oneness with the trinity. They have your back and your front and your sides.


Jesus warned of false Christ’s and Paul warned of ‘other gospels.’ False Christ’s rob and ‘other gospels’ curse. They curse by robbing us of what is ours. They leave us only partially healed and as a result quite un-whole. The gospel that is real to us is the one we believe in; the one we create our reality from. This is why we need Christ’s Gospel and His narrative and not some incomplete, lacking, fraudulent gospel.

‘Other Gospels’ that insinuate that we are still in old covenant mode and therefore in separation with an incomplete at-one-ment, leave us unhealed and less than we are – like living as invalids when we have the capacity to be perfectly whole.

‘I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.

“Joshie, now four years old, is one of the many Australians who live with an unknown disease – one that perhaps has not even been discovered yet. Along with his missing thumb, he was born underweight, and with a hole in his heart.”

His parents and doctors will expend every effort to find the cause and make Joshie whole. This is what they do. Is this what we do? Or do we make a religion out of our ‘other gospel’ and tout it as some key to life?

Christ our life is wholeness to the full. This wholeness and healing is available to all. Yet there are people like Joshie, who in their spiritual life, are missing thumbs and limbs. There are people who live in fear with emotionally diseased souls because they have been betrayed into a warped gospel that cannot heal and which actually creates spiritual disease. We are talking of beliefs and un-gospels that add up to one thing: False Christs.

Jesus called these aberrations tares. We are talking of Believers who look normal on the outside but who live inwardly as invalids because they have been robbed – robbed of a full gospel, a genuine Christ and a whole self. It’s futile to claim to be of the body of Christ when our spiritual body is diseased and incomplete. Is Christ divided? Is Jesus diseased?

In belonging to the ‘this body of death’ which is a life in Adam, Moses and the old covenant we condemn ourselves to drops of life instead of rivers and to being cripples instead of life-giving spirits.


Within the Body of Christ there are Joshie persons and Joshie denominations living with disabilities that are entirely needless. Needless because we have fullness when Christ if our life; fullness of strength and well-being because Jesus lives in us, imparts His life and righteousness to us and heals us of our spiritual diseases. The fact is that the new covenant is radical. It means Jesus is us.