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Religion means nothing. Christ our life is everything. ‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15.

The new creation is Christ your life. The new creation Kingdom of God is Christ our life. Christ our life is Christ as all of our life – of you, of family, church, society, economy and planet.

There’s a reason why Christ is our life and the law or some formulation is not. The reason is that Christ is all and in all, meaning that Christ is not the Imparter of some formulation, some rule, some abstraction, some religion or some scriptural passages. Christ is the Imparter of infinite life. Life is more than the absence of pain and death. It is limitless. You get infinity in Christ.


In Him you and the church are infused with completeness. Jesus imparts what He is. Jesus lived from union with His Father. He is our union with Father. He and Father are one so He imparts to us union with God.

Jesus is our forgiveness for sin. Yet He is much more than forgiveness for sins. Jesus healed limbs and still does. Yet He is more than the healer of deaf ears and blind eyes. Through the cross Jesus identifies with our pain, but more than this - His cross makes us one with God. His death and life are our ongoing at-one-ment with God. Jesus is the healer of our estrangement from God. The new covenant that is our post cross life means that the separation of the fall has been undone and that union with God has been restored and improved on. In Christ God is woven into us and God we are woven into God.

You are whole in Christ because you have oneness with God.


To move to the second part of life with God - is to move from religion to union with God. This is the real ‘rebirth.’

The life of God is not some abstraction. And not actually an adherence to Moses or some moral agenda. It’s the expression of the self by Him. Healing is meant to lead to the greater healing. We may not be healed in our being if a limb is healed. We are healed when we agree with God that we have been drawn into His life. This life is not an adherence to precepts. It’s a fellowship. It is our companionship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Jesus you don’t get religion. You get a state of being called a son. You get being a son in spirit and in truth.

In the law and in fundamentalist culture you might get scraps of sonship in words and definitions. In Christ you get it in spirit and in truth.

The Kingdom of God is not the gifts added to old covenant living. The Kingdom of God is Christ our life and the trinity incarnated in you. Sonship is Father manifesting as you. The new creation is you manifesting Father’s life.

‘These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God's creation’

Rev 3.14 NIV.