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The Christian message is not a moral program. Not a series of hoops to jump through. Neither is it a contract in which one does certain things to be defined as righteous and get a ticket to eternal life.

But it is a life. It is Christ’s life as yours and Christ’s life as ours.


So called ‘Christianity’ is not a religion but a life. How many know that one can live a religious life in a religious culture and not know God – that we possess such a muffled relationship with Him that we scarcely have any of Him? Religion can insulate us from God.

When we as a Believers can get a hold of the fact that Christ Himself is our life – that He is us – we will be the kind of beings to which people listen. Particularly when they learn that they already belong and all they have to do is agree with their ‘belonging.’


The message that gays and lesbians are hell bound and that our present spate of floods, droughts and bush fires is a punishment from God is perverse. So what is to become of those who destroy the earth? What is to become of the climate change denier, the carnal banker, the devious non-payer of tax, the abuser of women, the cheater of spouses and the de-funder of vulnerable people in old folks homes? The short answer is that we create our own hell where we are. The better answer is that we find forgiveness, healing and new life in the Son of Man. Genuine Kingdom people are allied with Christ to re-create the earth.


Jesus declared Himself as life. He did not bequeath a moral program. He bequeathed Himself as our life, our regeneration and the new creation of the world. Jesus, the Son of Man is fully God and in accomplishing His mission forgave our sins and joined us to God. By agreeing that He has drawn us into His life, we become sons of God in spirit and in truth and our degradations are burned off us by His glory.

The truth is that we and the populace of the world find our healing in the Son of God. Morality and political strategies are not God or Godliness. They are the legacy of fallen Adam. The solution for Babylon and Egypt is Christ our life. Christ in each of us. Christ manifesting His person in all of us. This is the new creation happening in real time. Heaven comes to earth when the one new man who is Christ becomes the man and the woman who is all of us.


The cult of consumerism and materialism ruins people and kills the earth. Recently we have seen that the ‘cult of the Economy’ is seen by many to be more important than people. – people that they think are dispensable for the sake of the well-being of people like themselves. Sadly non-believers can be more astute than many Christians about the materialism cult because they are heavily invested in the many versions of the prosperity cult of ‘me, myself and I.’ Unfortunately these people are more ‘pagan’ than the people they despise.


The core of the healing of the self, of humanity and the healing of the earth is found in Jesus Christ. He offers Himself as life and as the healer of individuals and the world. We can talk all we like about measures to ‘save the planet’ but the planet will not be saved until people agree to be saved personally; agree to the salvation that is already theirs in Jesus Christ. Baxster Kruger puts it well,

“The Christian church has always confessed that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh, fully divine and fully human, God of God and man of man. It is in thinking these two truths together that we come to the heart of the work of Jesus Christ. The sum and substance of the work of Christ is that the eternal Son of God became human and lived out his divine sonship inside our fallen Adamic existence, and in so doing not only converted fallen Adamic existence, but also forged a real and abiding relationship, a union, between God the Father and fallen humanity.”

The law culture of sin and death kills the earth and dehumanises people. Humanity will rise and the earth will be healed when people turn not to morality or religion but to Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the World.

‘Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death’ Rom 8.1.2 NIV.