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There are ‘Off-Gospels’ and ‘Real Gospels.’ Rants against sin and sinners, particularly sexual sinners is not the Gospel Jesus preached. This is not to say that sin is not sin. It is to say that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. A gospel of moralising is not Christ’s Gospel. A Gospel that presents Jesus as life and forgiveness is Christ’s Gospel.


It’s easy to focus on sexual sin. It is easy to spot and often associated with guilt. Sadly there are those who feel guilty about sex even when it is in its right context.

A characteristic in the regime of the knowledge of good and evil is the attribution of evil to that which is good and the convenient overlooking of evil in things that are bad. For example political and economic evil like the killing of millions of fish in the Murray-Darling basin. Or the Summer Bush Fires in Australia that were the direct effect of do nothing climate policies.


The refusal to do anything of substance on climate change when there are many solutions and wealth to be made in Renewables is an example of Babylonian bloody-mindedness. If stupidity was money many politicians would be rich.

If murder is sin, then the killing of the earth is worse. But it’s convenient to be a church-goer and rant about sexual sin while voting in ‘do-nothing’ governments tied to the past, their wealthy cronies and the practice of implementing strategies designed to be ineffectual.

This is just one example righteousness moulded to fit partisan interests. We are not holy because we are church-goers, wear a hijab, keep a sabbath or call ourselves Christian. We are holy when Christ is our life because we are living in His oneness. With the result that we multiply life rather than turn life into money. Jesus cast the money-changers out of the temple, but they hived off and got themselves seats in parliament.


‘Sin-mongering’ always makes its focus on easily identifiable sins and the ones that attract the most guilt. Not economic and political sins that are conveniently left out. Such evils should attract more guilt than they do.

Either Christ is Lord of all or He is not Lord at all. Is Jesus Lord at all or is Jesus Small?


“Face to face with Christ all would-be followers find themselves called into radical question, together with their preconceptions, self-centred desires and self-will, for to have him as Lord and Saviour means that he takes their place - The Mediation of Christ in our Human Response in order to give them his place.

“The preaching of the Gospel in that radical form is not easy, for when we call upon people to repent and believe in Jesus Christ that they may be saved, we have great difficulty in doing that in such a way that we do not throw people back upon themselves in autonomous acts of personal repentance and decision, or encourage them to come to Christ for their own sake rather than for Christ's sake, in direct conflict with the very principle about motives laid down by Jesus.”


The Gospel of Jesus is radical because it confronts people with the truth that Christ alone is their life. For the long-time Christian this can be a challenge since he or she may have picked out a couple of moralities or rites that they rely on as a self-made grace. Some even acquire a distinctive that they rely on as their messiah. Like thinking you are an athlete because you wear Nike.

The problem with such religion is that it provides no covering of grace and seeds the delusion into the soul that we are saved by what we do. We are saved by what He does which is to be our life in every way. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.