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When Jesus cried out, “It is finished!’ Separation from God was finished. We are greatly privileged in this hour to enjoy a totally unobstructed union with God – unless we insulate ourselves from Jesus and our fellowship with the trinity by religion, distorted doctrines and ‘gospels’ that downgrade the completeness of that which is ours in an unadulterated Christ and an unrevised gospel.

We don’t get union with God by spending an hour in praise and worship or keeping a Sabbath. Union with God is our starting position. God’s atonement in Christ is real and your incarnation with the trinity is the norm. This is not a prize for overcoming. It’s the gift of God that is eternal life. ‘Christ our life’ means that our everyday life is a sacrament of oneness with God.


Despite the desire of various groups for a Christianity clothed in their distinctives, the incarnation transcends these because it is Christ in us.


Christ mediates Himself. Any practice that assumes a mediatorial effect by a cultural practice insulates us from God and dulls the flow of His spirit and life. The full and exact gospel of Jesus can be known and expressed through a particular culture but only when that culture is Christ’s gospel of the Kingdom and the gospel of the apostles and not some variation wrought to honour a subversion of our union with God that we have embraces as something special.


The problem with any heresy is not that it diverges from the truth but that any distortion of the truth carries with it a deposit of death. So that those who adopt it are individually gangrenous along with their community. But it’s not just about words or talk.


“Our human language points beyond itself to the reality, and we can never fully capture the reality in human language. That’s why Torrance repeatedly in his writings uses the phrase in the early church, “deo semper maior” – God is always greater than anything we could ever think or ever say about God. So it’s only in a participatory relation, when we actually come to know the love of God in Christ.” (1)


Participatory relationship, not legal relationship. Participatory union is not one of words and positions but of the Living Word – a state of being. It’s non-dualistic oneness with God.

A relationship with God is not either or. But it is more or less. We can have drops or rivers of life. Rivers when our gospel is the Gospel of Jesus, Paul and John.


Sacraments are not harmful but they are not as needful today as a lived union with God. Since the cross God is in you, with you and part of your being. The Lord’s Table celebrates what is – your oneness with God. You don’t get oneness because you took the bread and drank the wine. You are one with God everyday.

If there is a sacrament it is you – your life in oneness with God. This is Christ your life as you.

God is the manifestation of Himself in Christ, the expression of Himself in you and the revealing of His fullness in the community of the church. Jesus is the revealing of you. This is why we need to be one with the trinity and the expression of the trinity and not warp who we are by beliefs that separate us from God.


We are joined to God by God in the person of Jesus Christ. We are interwoven into God and he fellowship of the trinity because God has woven us in through Jesus. ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Realize this and you will be who you are in your culture. Subordinate this to any element of your culture and you will undo yourself and ensure the eventual implosion of your community.

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