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We have an Easter Life in Christ our life. He is The Resurrection. To live Jesus is to live continual resurrection and maturation as a son of God.


We all have the inheritance of an Easter Life. The ploy of the Enemy remains what it has always been. To suggest a false narrative and get humanity to live in a twisted story so that that the reality of our sonship is diluted or eliminated from our experience. The Father of lies has always tried to slander God and to deny our sonship in God. He did it to Adam and Eve, he tried it on Jesus and he insinuates it today* as if it is sound doctrine. But it’s the doctrine of tares.

‘And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death’ Rom 8.2 ESV.

We need to live in this ‘belonging.’ It cannot be taken from us, but we need to agree that it is ours in order to rise into our glory as sons of God in everyday life.

Jesus spoke of the narrow way. This way is counter-intuitive. It’s the way of the free woman and the new and living way in which the trinity and you are woven together in the spirit of sonship.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.

The incarnation is the core of Kingdom life and the womb of all apostolic teaching. It is the new covenant way; the new and living way that is the law of the spirit of life. This is not some new testament rejuvenation of Moses. It’s Christ our life. The law of sin and death we have been rescued from is the knowledge of good and evil and their subset: The laws of Moses and christianity as religion. You are not in this unless spiritual stubbornness has put you there and you think you have an identity in some retrograde gospel.


Some Believers live consistently in ‘this body of death’ as if this is the Body of Christ. It’s promoted by blind guides and lived in by people who need to take responsibility for their own spiritual well-being. The law of sin and death is generically our life in Adam. This is our un-life in the knowledge of good and evil; our life in the separated state that became ours when we were seduced into seeking more of the godliness of God off our own bat.

Here the allure was to be stretching out to acquire godliness by distrusting Him and taking things into our own hands - in separation. There are forms of Christianity today – forms of godliness that are an extension of the fall. We will never be fully alive while we live in them.


In our misguided attention to Satan’s lie, we did not know we would be thrust into separation from God. But our nakedness revealed it. Our ‘clothing’ that was once ours was not something inherent in ourselves as we might have supposed. It was the clothing of ‘relationship.’ It was our oneness with God.

This had been the covering that was ours in our sense of love and acceptance in the fellowship of the trinity. Our clothing was our intuitive sense of covering that was ours in relationship with God. You have this covering today. ‘Covering’ is not something and institution gives you. It’s what you already have in God.


In the fellowship of the trinity, we are never naked. When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ separation was finished. Humanity belongs and we are home. But the issue is this. Have you possessed your belonging? Is your inheritance in you or in the ground because you believe your god is ‘a hard man?’

What we had before the fall in relationship with God was God’s fellowship, His righteousness, His life and our innocence. We were one with God. Taking the independent path of the tree of knowledge made us aware that separated from God we were unclothed of His presence.


The law of sin and death, specifically is the law of Moses and the sacrificial system. These laws given to the Jews were a sub-set of the knowledge of good and evil – a method of coping until the fullness of God would come in Jesus to draw us back into fellowship and joy.

They were a temporary measure designed to help Israel deal with separation from God, to act as a portent of the coming Messiah and to be a living illustration of the fact that such laws and religion cannot make us righteous and that - they leave us separated from God. Nevertheless, the Jews were graced by this liturgy until the coming of Messiah.


If this regime teaches us anything it has to be that living in this law can cause us to kill life by killing God. Even today ‘the letter’ kills God’s life in us.

But here’s the thing. In our blackest act of separation and self-destruction God reached into us in Jesus and made us one with Himself. Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ The separation of Adam was over and our life in union with our Father had begun.


The old covenant was ‘Obey and live.’ The new covenant operating as the law of the spirit of life is ‘I have made you alive to obey.’ Christ is your life. You have been made one with God and nothing can undo this (except a refusal to live in it.) Your union with God depends not on the degree of your obedience or your success in keeping laws. Your oneness with the trinity is guaranteed in the life of Jesus Christ.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20

Our union with God is intimate, ongoing and not related to the law, laws or performance of any kind. It is a more than close fellowship. It is the interweaving of God’s being with our being through the Son of Man. Christ’s finished work makes us and God one and draws the entire earth into union with Himself.


Richard Rohr writes, “You cannot create your union with God; it is objectively already given to you. The only difference between people are those who are consciously drawing upon this union and those who are not. Let me repeat: The difference is not between those who are united to God and those who aren’t. (1) We’re all united to God, but only some of us know it. Most of us deny it and doubt it. It’s just—frankly—too good to be true. That’s why they call it good news. But it can’t be this good, can it? Yeah, that’s where it gets its name and reputation as good news.” (2)


You can live from this union because you believe it; because you are a new covenant Believer who has embraced the John 14.20 truth as her own. This is her mindset. Thus her heart is one with God’s heart and she lives in the reality of spirit and life, just as Jesus did – because she and Father are one. Such a person is one with Christ, one with the trinity and one with those who so believe. Membership in the Body is not notional. It is spiritual as in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.


We do not participate in the gospel by corrupting it. We create our reality. Attach ourselves to any part of the law and we are with Adam instead of in Christ. The tragedy for these Believers is that they have union with God but they Have Not Possessed It. They live in a mindset of separation because they are contained in the law of separation and death. Such people ‘talk body’ and live ‘separate’ because they are addicted to items that they imagine make themselves worthy of being loved. Such things are spiritually discerned.

Rohr writes, “We cannot imagine a love that’s not evoked by the worthiness of the object—and so we try to scrub ourselves up, making ourselves as attractive and worthy as possible. Dare we throw our religious beauty standards out the window and boldly embrace reality, instead? God does not love you because you are good. God loves you because God is good.” (3)

*To live from the law rather than the incarnated Christ our life is both unscriptural and a denial of the cross. As a result it perpetuates the separation of the fall and makes lack of faith a ‘faith.’


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