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A theologian once described the new covenant as ‘new covenant theology.’ It is not. It’s not a theology. It’s what God has done in Christ. It’s the state of being in which you live as a result of the cross. Paul described the refusal to live from this inheritance as choosing to live in ‘this body of death’.

‘ONENESS’ is not a theology or a perspective. It is the inheritance of the church.


There are versions of the gospel that denote something less than the Gospel of truth. An expression of such can be found in the words ‘What would Jesus do?’ But Jesus is not separated from you. Jesus is part of your being. Jesus and the trinity have become woven into you and you have become part of God in the oneness that is yours in the incarnation. If you are walking in the incarnation – and you are not until you believe you are – what Jesus would do will be what you do. Because just as Jesus and father were one, so you and Jesus are one.


The mystery of Godliness is paradoxical and as simple and real as you are. Christ come in our flesh is Christ manifesting as us. You are never more you than the you, you are in Christ.

Another illusion of implied separation is the admonition, ‘Keeping close to Jesus.’ The origin of this piece of misunderstanding is the false assumption that Jesus is with us to help us keep the law – which earns intimacy with Him. Not so. He earned intimacy with God for us. Jesus is in us to be us. In the post cross age God is with you and in you. There is not sacred and secular because Christ is your life – all of it.


The ‘keeping close to Jesus’ refrain, assumes that you are separated from Him, and that you are capable of keeping close to Him. We are not separated from Jesus and we are no more capable of keeping close to Jesus than we are capable of keeping any aspect of the law.


The good news is that Jesus is always close to you and is woven into your being. Your ‘keeping close to Jesus’ and your relationship with God is entirely taken care of in Christ’s relationship with God. What is that relationship? It’s that I and My Father are one. His relationship with Father is your relationship.


An inanity of a law-framed gospel is the contradictory belief that we belong yet we do not belong. All are included in God since the at-one-ment. Repentance, consists for many in the Body, of not living in this belonging and striving to receive what is already ours. An unfortunately too successful ploy of the Enemy. Christ is not outside you and He is not just a moral example (which none can follow anyway)*. Christ makes us one with Himself and one with Father and Holy Spirit.

“Any understanding of Jesus that does not reveal the “Abba” He loved collapses Christ into a moral example we must imitate, instead of the gracious Son who has reconciled the world to the Father by the Holy Spirit.” (1) Christ is not a moral example and Jesus does not exist to empower you to keep a moral program. Jesus lives to manifest His life in you. A moral program is puny compared to His life as our life. Jesus lives so that His relationship with Father is your relationship with Father.


There are people who take any simple action and make it more complicated than it need be. They are irritating to work with and are compulsive fluffers. This is a type of the religious person who insists on living from religion; who makes religion out of Jesus when all that is required is for Jesus to be our life. This is incarnation. It is life in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is never a life in attachment to the law with ‘the gifts’ added. Life in the Spirit is Christ as you. Incarnation is God manifest as His Church. This communal expression of Jesus is the new creation come in the world.

* Some communities attach to one or three denominational icons and kid themselves that this earns acceptance with God. God as earned you acceptance with God.

(1) Morrison, Stephen D.. T. F. Torrance in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 2) (p. 75). Beloved Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition.